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Philips Premium Digital Airfryer

Philips Original All-In-One Multi-Cooker HD2237/72

Philips Premium Analog Airfryer

Philips Original Airfryer

Philips L'OR Barista Latte

Philips High Speed Vacuum Blender HR3756/00

Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless

Philips Original Pasta & Noodle Maker HR2375/13

Philips EasySpeed Steam

Latest review: Works perfectly. I mostly iron cotton, sometimes lighter fabrics. It slides over any fabric with ease and isn't heavy on the wrist. The iron is easy to use, heats up rapidly. It uses quite a lot of

Philips Viva Collection Food Processor

Philips Azur Steam

Latest review: Recently purchased this iron from the Good Guys. The iron works great. For work I wear polyester shirts (awful fabric) and they are not the easiest to iron and I have found the temperature control

Philips Premium All-In-One Multi-Cooker HD2178/72

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus

Latest review: This product is amazing and has reduced the amount of time spent ironing considerably. The intelligence of this iron is its most redeeming feature, the auto steam function cuts off when your iron is

Philips PowerPro Active Bagless

Philips Azur Elite GC5031/20

Latest review: I am happy I upgraded my iron to this one. It was different and hard to adjust to in the beginning, it only has limited functions and settings, however I am so pleased with how it works. You cannot

Philips Steam & Go GC362/80

Latest review: This small steamer is the best I've ever used ,we travel a lot so it's ideal for the rv and also great at home being able to do a huge variety of fabrics it does the whole house so I don't need to

Philips L'OR Barista LM8012/60

Philips PowerLife Steam

Latest review: I purchased this iron based on the reviews on Amazon and because Philips has a relatively good reputation as an iron brand. The iron is probably one of the best I’ve used, its ability to glide along m

Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence GC9642

Latest review: This iron is amazing! It heats up in just a couple of minutes and allows you to shoot continuous steam to get through your ironing faster. Initially I did get a smell when I left it on the ironing

Philips HR7776/93

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