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Weber Q
  • Award Winner 2018

Gas BBQsWeber Q · includes 4 listings

4.4 from 455 reviews

Latest review: We don’t cook any meat in side the house anymore because the Webber Q make the food taste so much better for everything and you can even bake in it as w

Panasonic SD-2501
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

Bread MakersPanasonic SD-2501

4.5 from 244 reviews

Latest review: To be fair, I need to start by qualifying this review with the fact that I only bought this device for one purpose - to prepare dough. I haven’t tried using it for any other purpose and am unlikely t

Kmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer
  • Award Winner 2020

Air FryersKmart Anko 3.2L Air Fryer

4.5 from 340 reviews

Latest review: I returned my first one because it did not work. It was hard to exchange because of lack of product but eventually they had more so I got another one at Kmart. This one worked for less than a month

The Little Guy Home Barista Kit
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019
  • 2017

Manual / Semi-Automatic Coffee MachinesThe Little Guy Home Barista Kit

4.6 from 169 reviews

Latest review: So, when I first started using it I couldn't get the milk to steam properly. I then left it on the stovetop and burnt it out. I got it repaired at great expense and since then I have been using it

Dyson V8
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

Stick Vacuum CleanersDyson V8 · includes 4 listings

4.4 from 1,302 reviews

Latest review: We paid around $900.00 for this Dyson just over two years ago. It is over priced and over rated. Yes it does suck ok however we have had to replace the motor head and battery (both are not cheap) at

Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Split System Air ConditionersMitsubishi MSZ-GL Series · includes 7 listings

4.6 from 143 reviews

Latest review: This brand is the best in air conditioning. No need to look any further. Truly quiet, sleek, modern and reliable. No more sleepless night in the Queensland summer. So

Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

Robot Vacuum CleanersXiaomi Roborock S5 Max

4.6 from 111 reviews

Latest review: So far so good, can’t fault this vacuum/mop, I have had this for just over a month and use it every night on my laminate flooring, they have never looked c

Vitel Water Set

Water FiltersVitel Water Set

4.9 from 69 reviews

Latest review: Product arrived 2 days ago . 5 minutes after it was ready to use so filled it with tap water and let it stay for 24 hours . Tested the water and it was amazing ! Taste of water reminded me of those

  • Award Winner 2018

Electric Hot Water Storage SystemsHydrotherm · includes 4 listings

4.6 from 128 reviews

Latest review: Run 11am-5pm & meets demand for family of 4 in metro Melbourne. Only critique is top of unit, where rain pools within indented lid design. Efficiency great - electric boost not

Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series

BlendersOptimum G2.6 Platinum Series

4.9 from 61 reviews

Latest review: It is the best blender I have ever used. I love to use it and can try many recipes such as smoothies, soup and mashed vegetables. All are in great

Dyson V11
  • Award Winner 2020

Stick Vacuum CleanersDyson V11 · includes 5 listings

4.4 from 315 reviews

Latest review: This is my third Dyson and just love this model. I have the cumbersome corded DC23 which is quite heavy. I used it conjunction with the Hand Stick DC35 which was great for smaller jobs. Now I

Breville Barista Express

Manual / Semi-Automatic Coffee MachinesBreville Barista Express · includes 4 listings

4.3 from 831 reviews

Latest review: This machine makes consistent, yummy coffee. All of the features make sense and it looks sleek AF as well. There is a small learning curve to overcome for beginner

Miele Compact C2 PowerLine

Barrel Vacuum CleanersMiele Compact C2 PowerLine · includes 6 listings

4.8 from 76 reviews

Latest review: this machine works well, nice and quiet and performs. Our Dyson upright is better on the carpets because the brush is more powerful. the Miele is better for dust collection and HEPPA filtration,

Mitsubishi Electric L4 Glass Grande 710L French Door
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

French Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsMitsubishi Electric L4 Glass Grande 710L French Door · includes 4 listings

4.6 from 108 reviews

Latest review: We purchased this fridge in October 2017 from Harvey Norman, delivered in December 2017. We had built a new house and was looking at complementing the stainless steel finish of the Oven and other

Bosch Serie 8 Freestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding DishwashersBosch Serie 8 Freestanding Dishwashers · includes 2 listings

4.4 from 214 reviews

Latest review: Don't touch a Bosch dishwasher. I have the same issues. Won't clean leaves food on plates. I actually have to space my dinner plates out to get them clean. After a couple of years the door needs to

Philips Premium Analog Airfryer

Air FryersPhilips Premium Analog Airfryer · includes 4 listings

4.5 from 139 reviews

Latest review: Really good product and efficient with the way it cooks. I am really happy with product. We bought other similar product from Philip air fryer for family member as

Optimum 600
  • Award Winner 2017

JuicersOptimum 600 · includes 4 listings

4.5 from 131 reviews

Latest review: There was an issue with shipping the juicer and upon complaint I was contacted directly by the general manager who was apologetic and resolved my complaint amicably This review has been updated

Luvele Pure Yoghurt Maker LPYM300W

Novelty / Snack MakersLuvele Pure Yoghurt Maker LPYM300W

5.0 from 49 reviews

Latest review: It does what it’s supposed to do without a glitch. I still think that it’s a good value for money considering the quality of materials, although you can find cheaper products in the market. It’s impor

Dyson V6
  • Award Winner 2018
  • 2017

Stick Vacuum CleanersDyson V6 · includes 12 listings

4.2 from 2,835 reviews

Latest review: ive got a robo vac that goes everyday so this v6 hardly gets used maybe once a week for ten minutes it still works it only goes for about 30 secs then cuts out then i need to put it back on charge

Philips Original Airfryer

Air FryersPhilips Original Airfryer · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 138 reviews

Latest review: I would give it a 3.5 stars, due to the 'international' instructions which are very basic diagrams. Don't expect recipe books here, there's none. The recycled paper guide for cooking times is a

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