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Latest review: Satisfied, the product was as described. Very happy. I bought a Drexel entertainment unit with three shelves. The shelves and the whole unit is very sturdy and of good


Latest review: I bought a 2011 Toyota Hilux. The description stated the body in good condition. However the entire car had been painted including the chassis, engine, and wheels to cover RUST. The car was a

Catch Deal

Latest review: On enquiring about a refurbished iPhone, I was told by Catch that it definitely was a new phone not pre owned and it would have just been slightly scratched or a demo model. I rang a second time as a

Alliance Motor Auctions

Latest review: Good service from the staff. But pictures online are different from what you see in person, feels like they detail the car and just left it wide open for dust everything to come inside the car

Southside Auto Auctions

Latest review: Excellent service! First time buyer and was very happy with the communication and the overall experience. Thank you so much chris and Bobby for assisting us in getting our


Latest review: Having previously sold 350+ luxury items over 3 years ago, I decided to give eBay another go as I had previously left the site in favour of a competitor due to high selling fees. Upon establishing a

Pickles Auctions

Latest review: Filed a review with Pickles. Customer experience was able to get back to me. After a few emails of requesting more details from me (all within a day) The manager was able to resolve everything and

Auto Auctions Guildford

Latest review: From beginning to end the service was amazing, I cannot thank Matt enough for his help and for answering all my questions. Really impressed with everything. and the quality of the car for the price!


Latest review: Do not buy from this site, you will not receive your goods and they will keep your money!! You will get fake messages, to say goods are coming but will never


Latest review: Recently purchased a car from Altona I have purchased and sold many vehicles at auctions I dont have any complaints about Mannheim.s Reading from the list of reviews . I dont know what the public


Latest review: Biker type jacket. Looked like a leather immitation in a beautiful camel colour. Came nearly like a mid drift top that looked like felt. Threw it straight in the bin. What a waste of money. Worst


Latest review: Same issues as the other Reviewers: payments for bids packages are readily accepted and processed however when it's time to redeem and pay for "winnings", they suddenly have problems accepting


Latest review: Looks the same as always - I would be happy if they changed the front page. What is great though is the speed - definitely faster than most, considering that was their greatest weakness. Now the

Travel Auctions

Latest review: The view and location is fantastic, just be aware that the units are very old, worn down and not too clean .. but worth it for the price, as we only paid $55 per night and got the extra night free


Latest review: If you have issues with your items and need assistance, the customer support will not help or simply ignore you. I currently have an issue thats a few weeks old which i am still chasing once a

Audioland Online

Latest review: I purchased a 65" samsung smart tv less than 2 years ago. Now the tv is not working . I called for warranty support & it seems the tv serial number had been tampered with & I am unable to find it.

Breen Auction Group

Latest review: They plant their own people in the crowd to put fake bids to raise the price on junk items. The best example is to bid 85 dollar coffee machine when you can buy them for 50 at any super

First State Auctions

Latest review: Suggested a price less than 10% of retail, less than Cash Converters. Why waste time and effort. Basically you are paying them to lose you money. Strongly do not recommend this

VIP Auction

Latest review: This company tried to steal £118 from me. I opened a case with PayPal insinuating unlawful activity but PayPal denied my case. I appealed and won my case. Sophora Media ( trading as VIP AUCTIONS )

Tender Center

Latest review: Recently bought about $300 worth of goods from the Wodonga Tender Centre. We were quite satisfied with the good condition of the three major items purchased and the service was good. They helped

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