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Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia SICT

Latest review: I have used this seat for 2 months now and baby sleeps in the seat every time he is in the car. I must say that means the seat is very comfortable. I know this brand goes above and beyond the

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard PRO

Latest review: We chose a Britax seat as we have used them for all our previous car seats and have been very happy with them so far. I think in the long run this seat will serve us as well as the baby capsule and

Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG

Latest review: Very Comfortable and Babies like the car seat. Car seat removal is bit tricky. Attach / remove car seat often is not

Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO

Latest review: Waiting on our baby to be born but the quality of this seat seems superb. It fits into the isofix bar of our BMW X5 very easily and I have confidence it will be very

Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

Latest review: We used the capsule for about 9 months - although would have preferred those with range 0-4 yrs to save some money. Baby bunting could waive off our fee for installation but they didn't and on top of

Britax Safe-n-Sound Graphene

Latest review: I love this seat. It was recommended for my car size and I’m glad we went with it. I’ve never had any issues with bub in the car and she seems perfectly happy to sit for an extended period if we need

Babylove Ezy Combo

Latest review: Bought this for my 15 month old daughter. Good quality carseat and the price is affordable than other brands. I love the extra cushion for the head and the bonus cup holder and car seat protector. My

Babylove Ezy Switch EP

Latest review: Sleek, stylish and affordable. That is exactly what you are looking for when looking for a car seat. The babylove ezy switch comes in 3 fashionable colours. Many recline positions and also aircraft

Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq

Latest review: The most uncomfortable car seat we purchase for my love. It is very narrow even for my tiny little Angel, te surface is difficult to take out to wash, the worse car seat we

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard

Latest review: My son loves this seat he's 6 months, he spews alot And suffers bad reflux! It's roomy doesn't squish him up like other seats meaning less pressure on his belly. It's super comfy and so easy to

Babylove Vantage II

Latest review: My partner and I are expecting our first child in just over a month. We have been searching for the perfect car seat that is versatile and will change to suit our baby. We found this car seat online

Babylove Ezy Grow EP

Latest review: We recieved this car seat for our 9 month old. But she doesn't quite meet the market so we are allowing our 5 year old to use it. It's so easy to adjust. And no need to fiddle around with the straps.

Babylove Cosmic II

Latest review: Both my kids prefer this car seat to our other one and they both look very comfortable in it. easy enough to install and remove when needed. easy enough to pull apart and clean and cleans very well

Britax Safe-n-Sound Brava

Latest review: We purchased this seat as it got a good star safety rating however the straps on the seat are SO hard to tighten and loosen to fit over the babies shoulder. Getting her int he seat is extremely hard,

Babylove Taurus II

Latest review: The seat is very easy to install and uninstall.my baby for 18 months, about 75 centimeters, she is still in a very small state.It fits our baby very well and is very comfortable to my friends because

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia Plus

Latest review: The fabric is excellent quality & baby is comfortable falls asleep everytime he is in it, it's easy to remove & wash, very easy to install (with isofix) & uninstall going between two cars, highly

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Rider (2018)

Latest review: Loyal to Britax, we upgraded to this seat in 2018. He is now 6, and loves his seat. We still use the 3 point harness, but do have the seatbelt option for future. This seat is very compact, not too

Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO Plus

Latest review: We are first time parents so we researched as we wanted the BEST and SAFEST car for our baby! We decided on this car seat and it was given to us as a gift from a family member. We live the light

Britax Safe-n-Sound Kid Guard

Latest review: Great, easy to use, easy to fit/install and comfortable. You won't regret it. I'm just sad this is the end of the line for our Britax needs. We also use it with a Britax Vehicle Seat Protector (the

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard PRO Plus

Latest review: When I first saw this product in store, I fell in love! The material is so soft and looks very comfortable for my son. We have just transitioned my 18month old into this seat and he loves it. Its so

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