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Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeder

Latest review: I bought these fresh food feeders to help me start my 6 month old son on solid foods. I can’t believe how easy and fun they are. I started by using frozen breast milk cubes which my baby just loved c

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Spoons

Latest review: Very great idea for parents on the go. Super handy, easy to use, just screw on and squeeze out and feed to the baby. No mess no fuss and happy

Cherub Baby Universal Bottle Grippers

Latest review: I am always worrying about the glass bottles given to me as a gift in a baby shower. I just discovered this bottle grips and it removed my worries. The glass bottles have not been broken despite

Cherub Baby Re-usable Food Storage Pouch 10PK Special Edition

Latest review: My go to! Weather I’m at home or out! Just so easy to give to bub with all sorts contained! I love making homemade food with knowing I can take it out in these pouches! Love the patterns too! It’s nev

Reusable Freeze n Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches

Latest review: What better way is there to give your baby a healthy homemade treat? I used to buy the store bought ice pops because I didn’t think I had enough time to make my own. I got the starter kit as a gift a

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Soft Spout

Latest review: I’m always out and about. These pouch spouts are perfect! So easy to feed bub when his hungry straight from the pouch. No mess or spoons needed! Perfect size for t

Baby Jogger Summit XC / X3

Latest review: I really enjoy using it. Really easy to manoeuvre. Easy to fold and unfold. It can hold all of my kids at once. One is sitting on lap of the other one and the 3d on a board behind the pram! The only

Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Straw Cup

Latest review: I was a bit nervous about using glass at first as my toddler likes to throw things just like any other small child. But Cherub Baby offer a one year bottle drop guarantee, and so far so good! I have

Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups

Latest review: My little one is really happy with her sippy cup. It’s easy for her to handle, and when she does drop it, it doesn’t break! I’m really impressed with the durability. Cherub Baby advertises them as dro

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet

Latest review: An easy to attach bassinet that seemed comfortable for my daughter to sleep in. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as they use it for such a short time. A better option might be a all in one type of

Cherub Baby Natribreathe Washable Nursing Pads

Latest review: After reading the good reviews, I decided to buy 3 packs (12) of these but I had the same experience as ifloss, they leaked and they got stuck to my nipples which was painful to take them off. I was

Cherub Baby Natripur Breast Milk Bags

Latest review: I bough a pack of 20s of this milk bags and they are still being used after three months. The seals are still tough even after washing and sterilising.I have seen some markings erased but I don't

Baby Jogger Compact

Latest review: I loved being able to have my little ones lying flat comfortably while we were out and about. I found the size more than enough to use till my girls were 6 months (admittedly, they were petite: 6.2kg

Cherub Digital Cover Free Ear

Latest review: Not a good product. When you need a thermonmeter you need to know that it is reliable, and this one is not. It is not easy to use and you can't trust the results. It claims to be accurate up to .2'C

Cherub Baby Sippy, Straw and Teat Universal Silicone Stretch Lid

Cherub Baby Re-usable Food Storage Pouch Mini's

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