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UPPAbaby Vista

Latest review: Uppababy Vista 2015 double pram My wife was using the pram today, she dismounted the pavement and the front wheel completed sheared off. I contacted the Australian distributor for Uppababy

UPPAbaby Alta

Latest review: I have used it for two kids and it is still in perfect condition. It is really strong and light. It is easy for me to fold it compared to the other prams. Also like the piggyback attachment. I can

Steelcraft Strider Compact

Latest review: I have had this stroller for over a year now. It’s very sturdy and easy to put away. The only negative would be is that it has quite chunky w

Steelcraft Agile Elite

Latest review: We purchased this stroller on recommendation from 2 friends who had used them. We were looking for a much lighter reasonably priced stroller to take us through the toddler years. Love that it

Steelcraft Agile Plus / Agile Plus Reverse Handle

Latest review: I read all the reviews and decided to get this for my first born. Not only is this model quite bulky to handle the basket is also very small and not accessible easily when the baby is in reclined

Steelcraft Baby Capsule

Latest review: I use this daily. I love it. I originally had a 0-8 years car seat but I didn’t like the way my daughter looked in it when she was newborn, she looked very uncomfortable as it didn’t recline much. S

Uppababy Cruz

Latest review: What I love about the Cruz are its simple to use levers (no fiddley straps), fairly light weight as compared to other comparable brands (circa 9kgs), large shopping basket, easy to fold away (one

Steelcraft Messina Hi Lo

Latest review: I have only owned this for one week and previously had the ikea high chair. My baby was really uncomfortable in the ikea chair so i was on the look out for one which she was happy in. I was going to

Steelcraft Acclaim Reverse Handle

Latest review: Been using it for 4 years and now for second baby since birth who is 6 months old, great quality. It is also easy to use. The only con is that it is a bit heavy and the basket is not easily

Steelcraft Express Layback

Latest review: I bought this pram to fit in the boot of my Hyundai getz as my stokke scoot won’t fit with the seat belt straps of 2 car seats limiting my boot space. I have to admit, a stroller had to be good to l

UPPAbaby G-Luxe

Latest review: Purchased this unit for toddler 2, toddler 1 getting around in a McLaren Quest. As far as umbrella strollers go, this is a bit larger and bulkier than some and doesn't fold up as compact. However,

Steelcraft Agile Twin

Latest review: I love the pram it's grate but I noticed that the fabric tears quickly mine has and I'm so disappointed the fabric on the seat has torn and so have the hood fabric :( love my pram hate to think I'll

Steelcraft Savvi

Latest review: The Savvy looks great but is very basic. The wheels don’t turn properly when on smooth surfaces(tiles, lino) and the clips are hard to do up. I also have returned it twice in 3 months, firstly the h

Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1

Latest review: The looks and the Quality It’s 100% But has anyone realized They baby’s walking side to side and backwards hardy forwards ? Now as we talk the back wheels r not locked they rotate Around So

Steelcraft Jetta

Latest review: My daughter loves this walker and enjoys the toys on the tray very much. They get her engaged and entertained I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it, used it for my two daughters and the quality

Steelcraft Strider Signature

Latest review: I'm now a proud mother of three and with each child I have had a different pram, considering this can turn into a pram with two seats I'm actually really disappointed that I didn't get it with my

Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi

Latest review: Beautiful, classic and elegant - this pram offers everything you could ever want! Steady but good suspension Adjustable handle with wrist band so doesn't run away on you :) Great size bassinet -

Steelcraft Snack Time Convertible

Latest review: Bought this after reviews on Choice website and relatively affordable price. We've used for about a year, it has been easy to use and clean, it is really sturdy (much better than the very cheap

Steelcraft Roadster 2 in 1

Latest review: My child loved this walker however it took us months to get him to walk flat footed as walkers tend to teach them to walk on their tippy toes. It was also a nuisance on our walls chipping away all

Steelcraft Agile 4

Latest review: After looking at all different brands this pram was our pick. Not only is it light weight but folds down to near nothing. Literally takes seconds to put up unlike other prams I have seen people

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