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Roger Armstrong Infant

Latest review: We bought it to put it in the big bath since our 4 month old had grown out of the baby bath and he wriggled straight out of it!! I had to get into the bath with him, not that I cared but kinda

Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy SEE001

Latest review: Perfect portable cot. Excellent to fold up and comes with a carry bag. Absolutely fantastic cot and my baby slept beautifully in it. you can fold it up and put in the car and carry it anywhere

Roger Armstrong Summer Booster to Toddler Seat

Latest review: This is perfect!! I can place this on the couch as well as the chair. My 4 month old sits very comfortable and secure in it. And you can take it with you on an outing!! It's great for homes with

Roger Armstrong 2 in 1

Latest review: So easy, and comfortable to use. I've started my six month old already and it's been fantastic. The tray table is so handy not only as a table, but to help keep her there! When not used as a potty,

Roger Armstrong Potty Chair

Latest review: I love this potty chair and we started using it when our little girl was 6 months old as it had the tray included with it. It has been a valuable tool for us in toilet training her. We have

Roger Armstrong

Latest review: I bought two of these rails and was pleased to find that I could use them together, as they had the capacity to be joined together, or used separately. Initially we had them both installed on a bed

Roger Armstrong Karibu Soft

Latest review: Good if you are on a budget. The concept is excellent but if you can afford it I would spend the extra $20 to get the bumbo seat. Saying that, baby isn't in it for too long. Convenient and helpful

Roger Armstrong Toilet Seat

Latest review: I liked the concept of how this seat worked, except it didn't fit our toilet very well. The main toilet seat didn't sit flat with this one underneath, so there was a risk that when my daughter sat on

Roger Armstrong Timmy Tortoise

Latest review: We love Timmy, both our Grandchildren love to sit on him both in his seat function and in his potty function. It is wonderful to find a product still actually manufactured in Australia, and so well

Roger Armstrong Contemporary

Latest review: Bought this bath tub due to my baby is run out of space from the previous bath tub. I got a really good deal from toy R us and it is a very practical and economical baby bath tub and believe when my

Roger Armstrong Oasis

Latest review: I bought the oasis tub and stand. I love the size and depth of the tub and the stand is nice and compact too but the tub leaks. I thought it was just bad luck so I went back to the store I bought it

Roger Armstrong Primo 4 in 1 PM2398

Latest review: Ah where to begin? as a step it's unstable, I emailed them about this thinking perhaps mine was somehow faulty and got a reply that this is how it's ment to be, so no good for encouraging independent

Roger Armstrong Freedom Trainer

Latest review: It is tricky to use for my son as it is very unstable. I took off the ladder and am now just using the seat, but it keeps sliding when i put him on:( It was pretty cheap from Kmart, but I still feel