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Roger Armstrong Infant

Latest review: We bought it to put it in the big bath since our 4 month old had grown out of the baby bath and he wriggled straight out of it!! I had to get into the bath with him, not that I cared but kinda

Okbaby Onda

Latest review: I was given a standard baby bath on a stand which my baby would barely last 5 minutes before he became grizzly. First night in this new bath he relaxed in there for 20 minutes! He was so content. The

Okbaby Cavalletto

Latest review: hey mountainsmum..i wonder if i can get info of where can u get this product from in australia? coz to be honest..i have to actually ask my brother in germany to buy it and send it here!!! love this

Okbaby Buddy

Latest review: Makes it so easy to bath bub! I was getting back pain trying to hold my son in the bath so I would just quickly wash him and take him out again but now I have the bath buddy I can let him splash

Okbaby Flipper

Latest review: I was happy with this seat although in hindsight it probably was an expensive purchase as we used it for only 2 months before our baby could sit comfortably unaided in the bath. Simple to use, no

Roger Armstrong Contemporary

Latest review: Bought this bath tub due to my baby is run out of space from the previous bath tub. I got a really good deal from toy R us and it is a very practical and economical baby bath tub and believe when my

Roger Armstrong Oasis

Latest review: I bought the oasis tub and stand. I love the size and depth of the tub and the stand is nice and compact too but the tub leaks. I thought it was just bad luck so I went back to the store I bought it

Okbaby Onda Evolution

Latest review: Prefer a regular bath with an Infa insert so that the baby can be held comfortably rather than by the arm over the babys head ! cant hold