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InfaSecure Terri Bath Support

Latest review: This bath support has been good for a newborn however at 12 Weeks old by Baby seems to be too big and is simply sliding off the end of it. Plus it takes FOREVER to dry. 24hrs after a bath it’s only h

Valco Bath & Stand

Latest review: The best bath on the market, tried the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders but it did not have the stand causing me terrible backake. The best bath on the market it is super stable bath and stand. There is

InfaSecure Maxi

Latest review: Before buying a baby bath ask yourself how you're going to empty it. The stand on this is great for your back, however the drain is just a small hole at one end with a little black plug. The bath is

Stokke Flexi Bath

Latest review: I received this bath as a hand me down from my sister in law who used the bath with my now 6 year old nephew. Even after so many years in storage the bath is still going strong and in perfect

Roger Armstrong Contemporary

Latest review: Bought this bath tub due to my baby is run out of space from the previous bath tub. I got a really good deal from toy R us and it is a very practical and economical baby bath tub and believe when my

Safety 1st Swivel

Latest review: My six month old was not happy with her bath sling anymore, and was trying to sit up, even though she's not sitting independently yet. I've found the swivel to be fantastic. My bub doesn't slip, and

Dream Baby Fold Away F610

Latest review: This product works great for me. Use it in the big bath and baby plays with dials and toys around her. You need two hands to open it, be careful their fingers are free when clipping shut. Suction

Roger Armstrong Oasis

Latest review: I bought the oasis tub and stand. I love the size and depth of the tub and the stand is nice and compact too but the tub leaks. I thought it was just bad luck so I went back to the store I bought it

Childcare Bath Buddy

Latest review: We found this to be great with our first child, looking to buy a new one for second child. Yes we found same problem with rubber cups but found seat to be reassuring way to bath the little one but

Childcare Bath Ring

Latest review: Once they can sit very well & know how to put their legs when getting in & out it becomes easier, but this really is a major design fault as by the time this happens they can usually sit properly in

InfaSecure Bath Buddy

Latest review: This is the worst baby product I've ever purchased. It's so bad I'm going to complain to Consumer Affairs about it. The reason I got it was because the opening was very easy to maneuver, which I

Dreambaby F128

Latest review: These are a collection of 12 sea-related bath stickers that change colour to white when the bath temperature hits 37 degrees C. They're non-slip bath appliques that, once stuck to the bath, allow

Okbaby Onda Evolution

Latest review: Prefer a regular bath with an Infa insert so that the baby can be held comfortably rather than by the arm over the babys head ! cant hold

Love N Care Ultimate Bath Tub

InfaSecure Easi Drain Bath

Mother's Choice Bath Easy Pastel

InfaSecure Basic

InfaSecure Maxi Bath

Veebee Super Stool

Blooming Bath

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