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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Formula Dispenser

Latest review: Love them very practical and doesnt take much space as the other formula dispenser. Easy to tip into the bottle and cleaned. Packed inside the bottle. Great for travelling. Container fit for small

Kiinde Squeeze

Latest review: It is so much easier to express and feed using the Kinnde Squeeze system. Being able to pump straight into the twist pouch eliminates having to use and clean bottles along the way. The pouch fitting

Cherub Baby Universal Bottle Grippers

Latest review: I am always worrying about the glass bottles given to me as a gift in a baby shower. I just discovered this bottle grips and it removed my worries. The glass bottles have not been broken despite

Green to Grow Glass

Latest review: I just wanted to write in and share what I thought of Green to Grow's glass baby bottles. I only recently switched to glass bottles after becoming worried about BPA and possibly other nasties in

NUK Glass

Latest review: My baby took to this bottle easily from 2 months. Wanted a chemical free option which could hold more milk as he’s growing. So easy to clean & squeaky clean once air dried. Holds temperature really w

Happy Baby Steadiflow

Latest review: High quality glass bottles which I absolutely love. I love the price too! Another bonus is they fit almost all other brands standard/slim size teats, which is great as my newborn struggled with the

Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Straw Cup

Latest review: I’m in actual love with this cup! I love how it can be used from a bottle all the way to a sippy cup and it’s glass! My baby has only ever taken this bottle unless it’s boob !!

Pigeon PPSU Slim Neck

Latest review: Bought this bottle from our local chemist, it's our first bottle for our first baby. Good build quality and doesn't leak, however the teat traps air bubbles that's impossible to get out. Our baby is

Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups

Latest review: Just loving these glass sippy cups! I have two youngsters who can be quite a handful. To help keep them quiet I give them their favourite juice, each in their favourite sippy cup – a different colour

Dymples Standard Neck

Latest review: I wanted to reveiw the standard teats but it seems there isn't anywhere to reveiw them. The standars neck dymples bottles are great. They are cheap and they have cute patterns. The teats themselves

Dr Brown's Narrow Neck Baby Bottle

Latest review: I first tried the wide neck 240ml not realising how many types there were and when it came it was great so I decided I liked the bottles and was happy to buy more I personally thing the price is fair

Philips Avent Classic+

Latest review: I got this bottle as a bonus with the Avent 3-in-1 steriliser. It is the best choice for my baby. It's smaller size means that baby feeds without spilling any out. Some other larger bottles mean that

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen

Latest review: This has the potential is to be a great bottle, but like the other review we had trouble getting our baby to latch. I was tempted to give 2 stars, however with a different flow teat we may have had a

Mimijumi Not So Hungry

Latest review: We bought this bottle as it has a booby texture, hoping our baby girl will love it, but instead the complete opposite! This bottle is pricey and our baby girl hates it! It takes forever to latch onto

Tommee Tippee Novelty Hood

Latest review: I really liked these bottles. My baby is 8 months old now and has just started using them, he is old enough to know to release the teat when more air is needed to allow the milk to continue to come

Philips Avent Milk Powder Dispenser

Latest review: I love it, easy to carry formula when I go on holidays or long drive, it got 3 compartments , can carry powder for 3 bottles, can mix fomula from one side to other if you shake bottle, but only

Pura Kiki Infant

Latest review: The bottle itself is good but the travel cover is not good. It doesnt stay as they advertised. It keeps coming off the top and eventually I lost it. The customer service insist that the travel cover

Dr Brown’s Glass

Latest review: Buyer beware - this is not the perfect solution we thought it would be considering the high cost. The major problem is if you fill bottle more than 40%, your formula will run up the breather straw

Philips Avent Natural Glass

Latest review: We tried these glass bottles after baby number two was refusing expressed breast milk from our plastic bottles. She was usually a good rest, but was spitting out the milk. Then I got curious and

Iiamo Go

Latest review: Bought 3 and all 3 unusable due to unsealing teat leaks everywhere. This meant you could not feed the baby without getting drenched or flooding your bag.

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