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Nuna Leaf

Latest review: It gets the low mark mainly due to its price tag. Its basically a seat that moves only when you initiate the movement. It’s no wonder the company slashed the price its a total waste of money and I w

4moms MamaRoo

Latest review: I bought my Mamaroo from The Amazing Baby Company at a baby expo. Firstly, their customer service isn’t great. I was told that you can buy the product covers in ‘lots of different colours and pat

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

Latest review: One of the best purchases. Very easy to use and baby loved it. Good quality, textile didn’t fade despite of washes. Was very happy with it. Toy bar is overpriced...but I still loved i

Joie Serina 2 In 1 Swing

Latest review: Bought it since my bub was 2 months. Now my bub is 8 months and he's still using it. I can say It's a must have item! When he was crying. I put him in the swing and he stopped crying and fell asleep

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

Latest review: Not worth the price at all. Maybe good for smaller babies but definitely a NO for taller babies. The motion isin’t smooth either. You cannot put it on a carpet area. Very tough rocking. Also the m

Lullabub Cot Rocker

Latest review: Have used for both our kids and this has been one of the best baby things we have ever used! Baby stirs and doesn’t settle, you lay in bed, point the remote at the cot rocker and it rocks baby back t

Valco Baby Minder

Latest review: DO NOT BUY this bouncer. We bought it as we were told it was the cheaper version of the Baby Bjorne. It collapsed with my 8week old in it twice! He is 4.5kgs. He fell from the middle setting to the

Veebee Serenity

Latest review: As per the review title. Strap is also not adjustable height wise and for a smaller baby, the clip sits under the fabric making it fiddly. I wouldn't recommend this bouncer for a newborn, it might be

Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing

Latest review: This seemed like the ideal product for us but I regret my purchase. Baby doesn't mind the seat, however will often startle awake and hit her hands on the hard plastic toys, waking her up. Silly

Ingenuity SmartBounce Bouncer

Latest review: Our newborn hated being put down so I hardly ever got a break. We bought this when he was 4 months and it has been great. Totally worth the money. Occupies him for 15mins at a time, sometimes half an

Jolly Jumper Elite

Latest review: I purchased this due to my youngest being full of life and it was a great purchase. I pop him in it while I’m preparing lunch/dinner and he loves it, he loves making music on the music mat so it k

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler

Latest review: Can use from newborn to toddler the rocking motion was very soothing I would put my 1 and half year old in it to drink her bottle and she would fall to sleep. When my newborn would come out of the

Love N Care Rock My Baby Swing

Latest review: If you have something shown in the instruction manual book ie. the adaptor or charger, I opened the box, put everything together just to see that I don’t have the charger t

InfaSecure Jumping Joey with Collapsible Stand

Latest review: Theirs no way these should be aloud to be sold in stores ! Theyre so dangerous my baby nearly fell out as soon as i put him in it and hes only 3 months old! Discusting and annoyed i wasted my money!

Valco Gyro Deluxe

Latest review: It does fold compact Which is great however its pluses stop there. Baby slides a considerable way down then making the harness around the shoulders unsafe. They gather around his neck! The

Babyhood Safety Mesh Bouncinette

Latest review: We were given one of these for our first daughter 5 years ago and we used it ALOT for her, so easy to take the fabric off to give it a wash. The fabric did stretch alot as it was second hand and our

Fisher-Price Rainforest

Latest review: This bouncer is nice to look at but not really suitable for babies larger than 7.5-8kg. It's much smaller than the less expensive bright starts bouncers and less functional. Overall it has a small

Fisher-Price Baby Studio Swing

Latest review: As a newborn our DS would love to be held & rocked. There is only so long you can do this! This product allowed our little one to sleep peacefully while being gently rocked. Great item to have! This

Childcare Classic Pooh Cradle Swing

Latest review: We have baby number 4 and I have found this swing to be great. Keeps baby entertained only wish I had purchased this for my other 3 children. It helps a little when you have a clingy baby that

Bright Starts Playful Pals Portable Swing

Latest review: Very happy with our purchase of this rocker, out daughter loves rocking in it, staring at the mobile, even smiling and chatting to the lion! Can be a nicer soother when she's upset, even rocking

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