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Heinz Baby Basics Unbelievabowl Super Strong Suction Bowl

Latest review: Maybe I got a faulty bowl and suction piece but I attached the suction part to the high chair and connected the bowl but do you think I can now get the bowl off the suction piece. I have tried using

Heinz Baby Basics Trainer Cup with Handles

Latest review: Wanted a simple sippy cup to take with me when out with baby. Bought in Coles on special. Same issues as everyone else. Only works when tipped fully upside down and then only through one hole. So is

Heinz Baby Basic Weaning Spoons

Latest review: These Heinz baby basics weaning spoons are perfect for introducing solids to your little ones diet. They do stain with some foods usually an orange colour. We have the bright pink ones so the

Heinz Baby Basics Soft Tip First Feeding Spoons

Latest review: I really like these spoons, especially as they are like a little scraper & get EVERY last bit of food off bowl. Have used them with both my kids. Soft for mishaps of hitting bubas teeth :) 4mth spoon

Heinz Pear & Banana

Latest review: Very good if your on the go. And if you are trying bub out for the first time on solids as it doesn't have any lumps in it. I even tried this by mistake and it wasn't to bad. Over all. Very happy If

Heinz Pureed Apples

Latest review: a natural flavoured can of apples that is enjoyed by all..can be added to cereals and is very affordable. definately a food to have in pantry great sized first food to give to young children, can be

Heinz Pureed Pumpkin, Potato & Beef

Latest review: This was a great first food for my baby, as a well-rounded meal with few additives. The single serves were really convenient to take out, and the jars could be resealed and refridgerated if baby

Heinz Pureed Pears

Latest review: Easy and yummy food for babies. I found with my son I would stock up on these and my daughter is nearly six months so I will definately be buying these tins again soon. If you get them in a four pack

Heinz Baby Basics Infant Formula Dispenser

Latest review: I purchased this item from toys r us and after 3 occasions of my son suffering from constipation I noticed that it was due to the powder being distributed throughout the other compartments. I

Heinz Baby Basics Toddler Straw Cup

Latest review: I bought 1 of these a few months ago and it was leaking, bought another one to give it another chance but it got worst! Bub can't sip anything through the straw! I tried sipping and i got air. Though

Heinz Baby Basics Disposable Bibs

Latest review: I prefer to just use fabric bibs and wash them. They did come in handy once or twice, but my son easily removed it and ripped it, so was a general waste of time and money. - Handy to have in nappy

Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes

Latest review: I came across these rice cakes at the supermarket and I decided to give them a go as they are not packed with sugar and nasties. My daughter loved them straight away and can't have enough of them!

Heinz Fruity Pear

Latest review: Our bub loves his pears! It's great to mix with rice cereal and formula. It's availible in all supermarkets at a resonable price. Also you can reuse the jars for safety pins and other bits and

Heinz Toddler Trainer Cup

Latest review: my son found it really hard to drink from this cup and so we ended up throwing it out. however, on the plus side, it was one of the most non-spill cups we had tried and the grips on the sides made it

Heinz Organic Sweet Baby Vegetables

Latest review: My daughter is a very fussy eater so was really pleased to find a flavour she loves! Comforting to know it's organic and natural ingredients with no added preservatives My daughter loved it, although

Heinz Baby Basics Pacifier Bib

Latest review: A friend first had this bib and I just had to get one! It's the Best bib I've ever used, it's handy, absorbent and looks so so so cute on either a boy or a girl! The pacifier never falls on the floor

Heinz Baby Basics Weaning Set

Latest review: A really convenient little set when heading out. I've never had any trouble with food spiling out even when it gets tipped upside down in my bag. The spoon clips into the lid really easily too which

Heinz Snack Bowls & Weaning Spoon

Latest review: I love these little snack pots. They are the perfect size to carry fruit and leakproof. I'm also finding these are great for school lunches. I pack the kids' snacks in these and save lots of money

Heinz Pumpkin & Sweetcorn

Latest review: My baby loves a majority of the Heinz products and I will buy this brand over any other. Is relatively cheap and great value when it is on special. This particular one is full of flavour and a great

Heinz Golden Sweetcorn & Chicken

Latest review: My baby is ten months old but won't eat any puree unless it is 1/4 this!! He absolutely loves it. We have tried weaning him off it and mixing it other other jars but he keeps coming back to it. I

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