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Nestle NAN Comfort

Baby FormulasNestle NAN Comfort · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 534 reviews

Latest review: My little girl had pretty bad reflux, and this definately flared that. She was very spewy after every bottle, and started to get awful trapped wind and tummy aches, it got to a point where she went

Price (RRP) A$16.99 to A$21.99

Aptamil Gold+

Baby FormulasAptamil Gold+ · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 453 reviews

Latest review: This is the third formula I tried as my baby had constant issues with tummy pains. So much so that I took him to the doctors because I thought he may have an intolerance to cows milk. The doctor told

Price (RRP) A$20.99 to A$24.99

Munchkin Grassfed
  • Award Winner 2021

Baby FormulasMunchkin Grassfed · includes 3 listings

4.6 from 434 reviews

Latest review: I bought this formula and another popular one before baby was born and just as lockdown happened. I picked Munchkin due to the reviews on here. My baby is exclusively breastfed but we did use formula

Price (RRP) A$26.00 to A$30.00

Nestle NAN Optipro

Baby FormulasNestle NAN Optipro · includes 3 listings

4.0 from 257 reviews

Latest review: My baby loves this formula and doesn’t seem to have any belly issues with using it. He has had this formula since 2 days old. Very easy to prepare and no side effects when u

Price (RRP) A$19.99 to A$24.50

Bellamy's Organic Formula

Baby FormulasBellamy's Organic Formula · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 608 reviews

Latest review: My son had colic after I stopped breastfeeding him we used a different formula and it was horrible but he took to Bellamys so well ! It was a perfect transition after breastfeeding !, it seemed to

Price (RRP) A$28.00 to A$30.00

A2 Platinum Premium

Baby FormulasA2 Platinum Premium · includes 4 listings

4.3 from 382 reviews

Latest review: My grandson was on this formulae and we had to change it as his bowel movements were loose and green. He was always unsettled. Since changing the formula he now settles and his bowel motion has

Price (RRP) A$30.00 to A$35.60

ALDI Mamia Gold

Baby FormulasALDI Mamia Gold · includes 3 listings

4.3 from 270 reviews

Latest review: My baby has had bad digestive issues and constipation since birth because of a premature stomach and bowel. This formula has helped with his digestion and also poo which we loved. Switched to this

Price (RRP) A$11.99

Novalac Reflux

Baby FormulasNovalac Reflux

4.1 from 125 reviews

Latest review: Am so grateful to have tried this formula, after my baby was vomiting so much, and after trying so many different formula, nothing worked, until I checked all the reviews and tried it, amd it worked,

Price (RRP) A$30.05

Karicare+ Formula

Baby FormulasKaricare+ Formula · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 300 reviews

Latest review: Tried so many different formulas throughout the months my son has been here and he’s hated all of them, until today! He loves the Karicare formula second bottle in today and hes loving it. He can’t se

Price (RRP) A$17.99 to A$19.99

Oli6 Dairy Goat
  • Award Winner 2021

Baby FormulasOli6 Dairy Goat · includes 4 listings

4.8 from 96 reviews

Latest review: I started using it by trying the sample first. Highly recommended. My bubs liked the taste. Her digestion also improved. One of the best formula tried so far. It is very easy to prepare and no side

Price (RRP) A$37.95

Aptamil Profutura

Baby FormulasAptamil Profutura · includes 4 listings

4.4 from 119 reviews

Latest review: I tried to give my baby this formula because it is more expensive than my regular Gold+ and seems supreme. But my baby immediately got diarrhea after one feed. So I stopped Profutura and gave her

Price (RRP) A$29.99 to A$36.00

Novalac Allergy

Baby FormulasNovalac Allergy

4.0 from 46 reviews

Latest review: Gave this a go after hearing good things. Bub hated it! She would not drink it and it was so chunky after shaking the bottle for ages. Sticking to S26 lactose

Price (RRP) A$36.89

Aptamil Gold+ AR

Baby FormulasAptamil Gold+ AR

3.5 from 157 reviews

Latest review: Absolutely loved the AR formula. After months of baby being breastfed and vomiting, reflux meds from the doctors that made him constipated, I finally changed to formula and found the AR formula the

Price (RRP) A$26.99

Bubs Goat Infant Formula

Baby FormulasBubs Goat Infant Formula · includes 3 listings

4.1 from 75 reviews

Latest review: We bought this formula when there was a clearance of this product for a very good price to try. Surprisingly, we got very satisfied with it. It's easy on my baby's stomach who has acid reflux and

Price (RRP) A$35.00

Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Baby BottlesPigeon PP Wide Neck

4.5 from 86 reviews

Latest review: My 2 month old baby would choke on the other bottles tried even medela but didn't work. Pigeon SS teat was the only one that helped her. We were so relieved and happy. For babies who drink too fast

Nestle NAN Supreme

Baby FormulasNestle NAN Supreme · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 236 reviews

Latest review: Nan supreme baby milk is great my baby girl loves it she is a failure to thrive baby so she need this milk to gain enough weight and she loves the

Price (RRP) A$21.99 to A$29.99

Novalac Colic

Baby FormulasNovalac Colic

4.2 from 129 reviews

Latest review: Tried Nan Comfort 1 and Blackmores infant 1, Bubb had signs of colic, lots of painful wind very uncomfortable. Tried Novalac colic, wind still present then constipation started, poor baby. Wouldn’t

Price (RRP) A$28.99

Blackmores Formula

Baby FormulasBlackmores Formula · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 139 reviews

Latest review: So I had to use this milk for my baby and I didn't had any tummy problems with it. She loves it and drinks about 2-3 bottles on a daily basis. One thing though, I wish I could get this everywhere

Price (RRP) A$25.99 to A$29.99

Aptamil Feed Thickener

Baby FormulasAptamil Feed Thickener

3.2 from 69 reviews

Latest review: My 8 month old needs this with every bottle or just vomits it up everything again. Its been very hard to find at the minute in NSW so I called the Nutricia care line and they were so helpful, a

Price (RRP) A$16.99

Nestle NAN A.R.

Baby FormulasNestle NAN A.R.

3.2 from 20 reviews

Latest review: I gave my reflux baby 1 bottle. He was writhing in pain for hours after and spitting up clear liquid hours later. 8 hours later he was vomiting up excessive amounts of clear liquid and couldn’t hold d

Price (RRP) A$21.99

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