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Nestle NAN Comfort

Latest review: Transitioned from a colic formula to this one once bubs was old enough and haven't had any issues with it. Another one I tried previously made him constipated but we have had no issues with this

S26 Gold

Latest review: I mix feed my baby and she’s loves this formula. I haven’t had any problems with constipation or vomiting which I had with other formulas I tried. This formula also mixes better than other ones. I’ll

Bellamy's Organic Formula

Latest review: My bub has tried lots of different formulas as she is mixed fed and always been ok. I had heard good things about Bellamy’s and was attracted to it being Australian made but she vomits it up every t

Nestle NAN Optipro

Latest review: The NAN optipro 2 baby formula is excellent. I was recommended this formula by midwifes, family and friends. I’m very happy with this product. Baby seems to enjoy it, get satisfied and never had any i

Mamia Gold

Latest review: I wish I was one of the hundreds of mum's giving this product a 5 star review - alas, I am not. Pros - easy to prepare, larger scoop meaning less scoops, cheap and affordable, ingredients are in

Aptamil Gold+

Latest review: It is my girl's choice of the formula. I tried NAN and Bellamy for her in the past as well but it seemed that she like this formula best. It is difficult to buy one so when you see the products in

Nestle NAN Supreme

Latest review: I have a very fussy baby and we tried so many formulas. Nan was the worst. On nan my baby didn't poo for 5 days, was crying with tummy pain and when he pooed it was black and sticky like tar. We

A2 Platinum Premium

Latest review: My now 13 old months baby has been drinking A2 exclusively from when he was born...he is such a healthy and smart bub. I believe the milk contributes these. It is just so hard to buy this at the

S26 Alula Original

Latest review: After trying a couple of different formulas after stopping breastfeeding, s26 original is the only one that didn’t upset my baby’s stomach and cause constipation. He definitely loves his food and for

Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereal

Latest review: I bought a couple of boxes, baby hated it so I tried it and it gave me bad stomach cramps. First of all it doesn’t smell great, the fruit chips are sharp, then goes all brown after a few minutes.I g

Aptamil Profutura

Latest review: This is great baby powder for my son aged 4years old. He has to drink it once a day with other food. He has start to drink this brand when he was very

Novalac Reflux

Latest review: This formaula is great! It’s helped get rid of my daughters painful reflux. She still spits up a bit but no more projectile vomiting! Now we just need to find something to help with the w

Munchkin Grassfed

Latest review: My son was breastfed so when the time come to transition him to formula I was stressing. I tried a couple of different formulas but he hated them and got really constipated. Then I came across

Karicare+ Formula

Latest review: My bub was on other formula which was okay. I tried this one just to see how he goes on different brand. Surprisingly he really likes the taste and always finishing his bottle where before he tends

Novalac Allergy

Latest review: Loving this formula. I have been mix feeding since my daughter was 2 months, at first she just had a bit of reflux, nothing major. When we introduced formula it got slightly worse, but in the last

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Latest review: I only used Tommee Tippee with my first. But these anti colic bottles are rubbish. Just what a stressed mum need after her milk has dried up is a bottle that leaks everywhere all over the baby and if

Novalac Colic

Latest review: This formula made a huge difference to our bub , she tolerates it well and has become much more settled . We have found its best for her poos too - other formulas left her with runny green poos and

Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Latest review: So I brought this bottle over 6weeks ago as my exclusively breastfed 4 month old baby was now refusing a bottle. It took several attempts over the weeks but finally I am happy so say she has taken

Novalac Constipation

Latest review: Have had constipation with my girl since born, she is 2 and been on osmolax since April this year. I wanted to get her off the osmolax and decided to try novalac constipation this formula work right

Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro

Latest review: we had to switch to this formula at 6 weeks because of suspected food allergies Easy to prepare, smells and tastes much better than other formulas, available at chemists and special stores Formula

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