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Nestle NAN Comfort

Latest review: After trying a few other formulas this is definitely the best one that agrees with bub. She shows no signs of discomfort after a feed, doesn't throw up and has regular bowel movements. She also no

Bellamy's Organic Formula

Latest review: My son is exclusively breastfed and refuses to have anything but breastmilk straight from the nipple. He also hates soothers and dummies so it makes it hard for us to give him a bottle because he

S26 Gold

Latest review: .Very disappointed. It would make my baby sick. And would not settle or sleep for long. She would wake up screaming for no reason. Feeding was every hour- 2 hours. To the point all doctor thought it

Aptamil Gold+

Latest review: My baby is drinking this brand's milk since he was born. The formula is very easy to go prepare there are instructions on the can so it's not confusing at all. And my baby enjoys drinking this

Mamia Gold

Latest review: I was on the Aptimil Profutura 1 which is nearly $30 a tin depending where you go. Talking to the Maternal Health Nurse, I expressed my concern about being unable to get it due to the huge buy up

A2 Platinum Premium

Latest review: I am giving A2-1 formula for my newborn when we hang out. It is easy to prepare. However, sometimes my newborn refused the baby formula because she is exclusively

Nestle NAN Optipro

Latest review: My 4 week old baby used Aptimil in the hospital as a supplement but after coming home we started using NAN. Had no side effects of changing brands and the baby mostly keeps it down. Burps well

Nestle NAN Supreme

Latest review: To, Nestle Australia Ltd Homebush Bay drive Rhodes, NSW 2138 Australia I would like to bring following to your notice regarding an infant food formula. I had purchased an infant formula as per

Munchkin Grassfed

Latest review: My son loves this formula and I think it’s the only one that hasn’t genuinely worked well for us. Nothing better than not only a full tummy - but a happy tummy! We have had absolutely nothing but gre

Novalac Reflux

Latest review: This formaula is great! It’s helped get rid of my daughters painful reflux. She still spits up a bit but no more projectile vomiting! Now we just need to find something to help with the w

Karicare+ Formula

Latest review: I switch my baby to Karicare and it was the best decision I made. She is no longer constipated, she doesn't projectile vomit and has a lot less wind. It seems really thick and frothy and smells a lot

Novalac Colic

Latest review: After 5 weeks of screaming for hours on end and not sleeping for more than 1.5 hours at a time due to waking with painful farts, we switched our 3.5 month old to Novalac Colic. He was like a

Novalac Allergy

Latest review: Yes loved the taste but side effects extreme vomiting & hospitalised for it. So sad as we were so so hopeful that it would be ok. Very easy to prepare &

Aptamil Profutura

Latest review: I started my baby on this formula after having issue breast feeding. My doctor recommended it after she used it with her children. I now Comp feed and my baby adjusted to this formula easily without

Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro

Latest review: we had to switch to this formula at 6 weeks because of suspected food allergies Easy to prepare, smells and tastes much better than other formulas, available at chemists and special stores Formula

Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Latest review: I initially used the newborn teat with my bub while mixed feeding and once she weaned we moved up to the larger bottle with size 3 teat. These teats are pathetic, they frequently create a vacuum and

Aptamil Gold+ AR

Latest review: Was using NAN AR and things were going great, but the vomiting came back after a few weeks. Bought a tin of aptamil AR and took some with us to a friends house and OMG did bubz scream the house down

S26 Alula Original

Latest review: My son had this from birth and never had one issue with this brand! Great on newborn bellies. Very filling and appears to be great tasting! My boy loved the newborn

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Latest review: We got the big and small size of this bottles, and this has to be the worse design ever, being new parent we didn't know what to look for, but after a week, this design is exactly what you need to


Latest review: Never used this formal with my older child but started using for the next and he any has taken to it instantly with no problems or spewing or reflux and I haven't had to change formulas

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