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Medela Calma

Latest review: Product is great when in use but a tad fiddly to clean(remove all pieces to clean) Replacement teats cannot be purchased (child chewing on teat) and they expect you to spend another $30 per bottle

Novalac Allergy

Latest review: I am heartbroken that this is out of stock nation wide. This is the only product my son can tolerate without breaking out in eczema. His rash cleared remarkably since we introduced this to his diet.

Philips Avent 3 in 1 Electric Steam

Latest review: I can easily fit in 7 bottles, which is helpful to not spend long periods of time in the kitchen. Unfortunately the element burnt? very quickly, although we followed all instructions. Also don’t like

Novalac Constipation

Latest review: This formula is amazing, fills bubs keeps him regular and tastes great, definitely the best formula I’ve used, and we’ve tried five other brands. Even though it’s a chemist line if you find the right

Aptamil Gold+ HA

Latest review: My son has had 4 poops (very runny and yellow) in one day since I started him in this formula. He’s drank Nan Comfort, Nan Optipro and Aptamil Pronutra without any problems but this has given him d

Bubs Goat Infant Formula

Latest review: I’ve been buying this formula for months now. It smells and tastes sweet. My baby seems to like it and never has had any issues like cows formula. It comes in 3 different stages and usually has lots o

Karicare+ Goat

Latest review: It was recommended to me by my sister. The protein in goats milk is smaller and easier for infants to digest. I've never had any issues with this formula. It's a bit more $$$ than regular formula,

Nestle NAN A.R.

Latest review: Not the best taste but my baby is settled and content. She was projectile vomitting from nan supreme 1 bow with AR and mam bottle no issues. Wish i had made changes

Aptamil Gold+ De-Lact

Latest review: My baby had bad reflux and diahorrea, we didn’t know he was lactose intolerant, we tried this formula and we could see the changes in our baby straight away- no more vomiting and no more runny watery

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam

Latest review: Used the steriliser once a day for 8 weeks and it stopped working. De-scaled the heating plate as per the manufacturers instructions and it still stopped working. Only 8 weeks old and Tommee Tippee

MAM Anti-Colic

Latest review: Don't base your decision on negative reviews, just give it a try!! After trying 12 different bottles (my son has slight tongue tie and couldn't attach to all other teats we tried except latex narrow

Blackmores Formula

Latest review: Baby (2.5mo) regularly drinks a between 115-135ml of a serving between 10-11pm as a top up feed. Sleeps til nearly 4am after that. The rest of the day she is on breastmilk, and I give her 1 bottle of

B.Box The Essential Sippy

Latest review: I used the old version for my daughter and it was excellent. No leaks. She could have it in her cot and i wouldn't worry about wet sheets. I bought three of the new version for my son and wish I

Aptamil Gold+ Pepti-Junior

Latest review: I have bought this for many times and the feeling is good. The package is complete and I also got two chocolate as the gift with the package. So

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

Latest review: After 3 mths of using the machine which was fantastic but a tad noisy mind you, the temperature light kept coming on so i was unable to do anything with it except fill it with super cold water from

Oli6 Dairy Goat

Latest review: I got this for my breastfed toddler and he loves it. I am currently weaning him and he didnt really like cows milk or other formulas I have given him. Seems to agree with his tummy and its easy to

Australia's Own Diamond Pro+

Latest review: Gave this formula to bubs after 6 weeks of exclusively breastfeeding - I am mixed feeding now. As a first time mum I had no idea what formula to choose from. Saw the reviews and love the fact it’s A

Munchkin Latch

Latest review: My baby loves the Munchkin Latch. I believe it was because of the design of the Munchkin Latch which led to a smooth transition from the breast to the Latch. The shape is perfect and size of the

Philips Avent Natural

Latest review: Used these with my first baby and just purchased new ones for this bub. No problems with breast/bottle confusion, baby feeds well from them with little wind issues. The only downside is that the

Karicare+ Soy

Latest review: My daughter loves this formula! We’ve had no issues from the very beginning. Easy transition from breastfeeding. It’s very sneaky that companies implement milk within our baby formulas knowing tha

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