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Bellamy's Organic Porridge

Latest review: My one year old son just love this, we had this since he just started solid food. It’s organic so it’s healthy! The texture is pretty smooth and it smells good. It is also very easy to prepare with si

Bellamy's Organic Ready To Serve

Latest review: Like most natural mums, I prefer to make my own food for Baby, but I nearly always have a couple of pouches of Bellamy's Organic Ready to Serve meals just in case I'm too busy! Pros Great, smooth

Only Organic Fruit Muesli

Latest review: My baby absolutely loves this flavour and so do I. Its a sweet taste which I find good for breakfast but also for desert sometimes or as a snack when I think my baby will be picky. It has a great

Bellamy's Organic Snacks

Latest review: This snack is really good for baby because it is very crsipy and handled in small zip bag l. It is very easy for me to bring it anywhere when i am outside. And the taste is very great, apart from

Baby Boost Red Lentils & Vegetables

Latest review: This was a great snack for our baby before he went onto more solid home cooked foods and when we were lazy. He always loved the taste and would have had more that the amount given. It appealed to us

Bellamy's Organic Pasta

Latest review: This is perfect, easy to cook n my baby love it, she can pick it up n eat using her little fingers. It contains veggie so and its organic, tick all the boxes. Really like it. I prepare it together

Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice

Latest review: This is a good first food for babies - in fact, my baby’s very first solid. Quality ingredients, easy to prépare. Consistency can be adjusted depending on the amount of water, breast milk or formula

Baby Boost Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Latest review: This was one of our babies most favourite store bought foods before we stopped buying them. He would eat the whole thing and more if he could. Always smelt and look good. It is a little expensive

Only Organic Apple Peach & Apricot

Latest review: My baby is a bit older now but still enjoys eating these as a treat. I love putting these in the fridge to enjoy these chilled. Great that it is organic so I know I'm feeding her good stuff that has

Bellamy's Organic Milk Rusks

Latest review: They break down and my baby nearly choked 16 months old. There is no way they can be safe as they are hard and when they break down into smaller size after chewing it is a dangerous choking hazard.

Only Organic Pumpkin Potato & Beef

Latest review: Couldn't believe it i am totally shocked after my baby ate more than half of the jar i found mould on the led. This product should be taken off the shelf of supermarkets how could they do this with

Only Organic Vanilla Bean Custard

Latest review: My baby refused this custard and I couldn't work out why. After polishing off other brands I finally tasted this and no wonder - it tastes awful! The other only organic flavours are not as tasty as

Only Organic Apple Custard

Latest review: Taste is slightly better than the vanilla custard, but the lack of feedback from Only Organic is not acceptable. I have contacted them on several occasions to let them know a product concern. The

Bellamy's Organic Vanilla Rice Custard

Bellamy's Apple, Strawberry, Sultana & Mango Bars

Baby Boost Gourmet Puree Fruit Boost