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Heinz Pear & Banana

Latest review: Very good if your on the go. And if you are trying bub out for the first time on solids as it doesn't have any lumps in it. I even tried this by mistake and it wasn't to bad. Over all. Very happy If

Holle Baby Spelt Cookies

Latest review: These are great as they contain very little sugar and salt but look like a biscuit so kids think that they're having a special treat. My son likes having one of these as a snack with milk and he

Heinz Organic Sweet Baby Vegetables

Latest review: My daughter is a very fussy eater so was really pleased to find a flavour she loves! Comforting to know it's organic and natural ingredients with no added preservatives My daughter loved it, although

Baby Boost Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Latest review: This was one of our babies most favourite store bought foods before we stopped buying them. He would eat the whole thing and more if he could. Always smelt and look good. It is a little expensive

Only Organic Apple Peach & Apricot

Latest review: My baby is a bit older now but still enjoys eating these as a treat. I love putting these in the fridge to enjoy these chilled. Great that it is organic so I know I'm feeding her good stuff that has

Whole Kids Organic Fruit Filled Bars

Latest review: I bought these fruit bars as I was after a healthy snack for my son. He loves the taste of these and I like that they don't have artificial colour as I've found in others. Unfortunately, they have a

Heinz Golden Sweetcorn & Chicken

Latest review: My baby is ten months old but won't eat any puree unless it is 1/4 this!! He absolutely loves it. We have tried weaning him off it and mixing it other other jars but he keeps coming back to it. I

Rafferty's Garden Puree

Latest review: For when I’m too tired to cook for him, these are absolutely perfect to feed my little one. I also love how little mess they make, and I always choose the ones without fruit so I know my child is a

Bellamy's Organic Milk Rusks

Latest review: My baby is 11months old, she finds it very hard to chew it. It is so hard, doesn't get melt very soon. Can't even bite it. I try giving it by dipping it with milk but no it doesn't melt at all.

Vaalia My First Yoghurt

Latest review: great being smaller size tubs but can just divide up greek yogurt thats much healthier for baby it has so much sugar in it and price cannot justify them trying to cash in on being good for

Rafferty's Garden Toddlers Yoghurt Buttons

Latest review: At a glance these look like a great source of vitamins etc and would think that nutritional value is similar to normal yogurt. Having a closer look they are 58% sugar. Not a good start to getting my

Yoplait Petit Miam

Latest review: Petit Miami used to very good I used to buy them all the time as a kid and even as an adult the little tubs were to small but the flavour and taste was worth it, however now it has no taste or

Only Organic Pumpkin Potato & Beef

Latest review: Couldn't believe it i am totally shocked after my baby ate more than half of the jar i found mould on the led. This product should be taken off the shelf of supermarkets how could they do this with

Heinz Pureed Lamb & Vegetables

Latest review: My baby does not like this dish and it is difficult to get her to eat it. The flavour is not very enticing. Good source of protein and fibre as it is both a meat and vegetable blend. The tast is not

Only Organic Apple Custard

Latest review: Taste is slightly better than the vanilla custard, but the lack of feedback from Only Organic is not acceptable. I have contacted them on several occasions to let them know a product concern. The

Only Organic Vanilla Bean Custard

Latest review: My baby refused this custard and I couldn't work out why. After polishing off other brands I finally tasted this and no wonder - it tastes awful! The other only organic flavours are not as tasty as

Bellamy's Apple, Strawberry, Sultana & Mango Bars

Bellamy's Organic Vanilla Rice Custard

Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice

Bellamy's Organic Ready To Serve

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