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Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereal

Latest review: So I found this when I was looking for breaky for my 2nd baby girl. My first one had wheat bix with formula milk till one. My second one I tried cerelac. My dd took to the oats with prunes. Started

Bellamy's Organic Porridge

Latest review: My one year old son just love this, we had this since he just started solid food. It’s organic so it’s healthy! The texture is pretty smooth and it smells good. It is also very easy to prepare with si

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks

Latest review: I gave this once as a teething snack to my baby after carefully reading the ingredients. Whilst they do have added sugar, the ingredients are otherwise ok with no unnecessary junk. HOWEVER after I

Rafferty's Garden Puree

Latest review: For when I’m too tired to cook for him, these are absolutely perfect to feed my little one. I also love how little mess they make, and I always choose the ones without fruit so I know my child is a

Bellamy's Organic Milk Rusks

Latest review: The following is an email, that I've sent to Bellamy's via Facebook messenger. It's almost a week now and I am quite astonished and a little angry that I have not yet had a reply. Firstly I'd like

Little Bellies

Latest review: My little girl loves these and I love that they are not causing her harm! Low in salt and sugar is such a bonus! Healthy treat that tastes good!

Vaalia My First Yoghurt

Latest review: I had never eaten yoghurt until 18 months ago and tried this product and loved it and then about 6 months ago you changed something and it is now disgusting to eat. I every now and then I buy a pack

Organic Bubs Baby Food

Latest review: Great price for a fantastic brand It has all sorts of good meals for your little one to try best product to give when your little one is starting on solids Healthy and yummy Best part you can

Bellamy's Organic Pasta

Latest review: This is perfect, easy to cook n my baby love it, she can pick it up n eat using her little fingers. It contains veggie so and its organic, tick all the boxes. Really like it. I prepare it together

Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Latest review: Love this brand of baby food and this baby porridge is my favourite. In my opinion millet and oats are the best for babies tummies as rice tastes blah and can constipate. I only bought one box of

Heinz Pear & Banana

Latest review: Very good if your on the go. And if you are trying bub out for the first time on solids as it doesn't have any lumps in it. I even tried this by mistake and it wasn't to bad. Over all. Very happy If

Heinz Pureed Apples

Latest review: a natural flavoured can of apples that is enjoyed by all..can be added to cereals and is very affordable. definately a food to have in pantry great sized first food to give to young children, can be

Heinz Pureed Pumpkin, Potato & Beef

Latest review: This was a great first food for my baby, as a well-rounded meal with few additives. The single serves were really convenient to take out, and the jars could be resealed and refridgerated if baby

Yoplait Go-Gurt

Latest review: Both my boys (4&6) love Go-Gurt, they love the flavors and the taste of the yoghurt, they love the characters on the packaging, I love that the yoghurt isn't thin like some other brands.There

Heinz Pureed Pears

Latest review: Easy and yummy food for babies. I found with my son I would stock up on these and my daughter is nearly six months so I will definately be buying these tins again soon. If you get them in a four pack

Only Organic Pumpkin Potato & Beef

Latest review: Couldn't believe it i am totally shocked after my baby ate more than half of the jar i found mould on the led. This product should be taken off the shelf of supermarkets how could they do this with

Yoplait Petit Miam

Latest review: Petit Miami used to very good I used to buy them all the time as a kid and even as an adult the little tubs were to small but the flavour and taste was worth it, however now it has no taste or

Rafferty's Garden Toddlers Yoghurt Buttons

Latest review: At a glance these look like a great source of vitamins etc and would think that nutritional value is similar to normal yogurt. Having a closer look they are 58% sugar. Not a good start to getting my

Bellamy's Organic Snacks

Latest review: This snack is really good for baby because it is very crsipy and handled in small zip bag l. It is very easy for me to bring it anywhere when i am outside. And the taste is very great, apart from

Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes

Latest review: I came across these rice cakes at the supermarket and I decided to give them a go as they are not packed with sugar and nasties. My daughter loved them straight away and can't have enough of them!

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