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Curash Baby Wipes

Baby WipesCurash Baby Wipes

3.7 from 135 reviews

Latest review: We were wondering why my son feels itchy and crying when we change his nappy and wipe it with curash simply water. My husband and I tried it and it is burning/stings when we tried to wipe down below!

Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder

Baby Skincare ProductsCurash Anti-Rash Baby Powder

4.1 from 39 reviews

Latest review: Hands down to this product, my bubba is no longer having bad nappy rashes! I have tried a lot of same products and none of them worked out. However this one is a game-changer, it doesn't cling to the

Curash Moisturising Soap Free Bath

Baby Skincare ProductsCurash Moisturising Soap Free Bath

3.7 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Used this on my baby a few times when he was born seemed to be okay. When he was 3 months old used it for 3 days straight and his body broke out in a rash, it took a few weeks for the rash too clear

Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

Baby Skincare ProductsCurash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream

3.0 from 71 reviews

Latest review: His skin was a tad inflamed from an over night nappy, we used the spray my mother bought for when we stayed over. It was the curash nappy rash spray. He cried a little, I thought it was because with

Curash Soothing Oatmeal

Baby Skincare ProductsCurash Soothing Oatmeal

4.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Couldn't find Any Review or product named Curash Bath wash Oatmeal so I'll add my review here; since it's same brand and same Ingredient. Id recommend It ; tried it and loved it; My LO skin is

Curash Family Oral Pain Relieving Gel

Child Medications and Muscle & Pain Relief ProductsCurash Family Oral Pain Relieving Gel

4.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: This stuff is a lot better than the "brand name" teething gel, which we tried for quite some time and didn't seem to work so when I saw this at the chemist I thought we'd give it a go. I tested it

Curash 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Baby Skincare ProductsCurash 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

2.3 from 7 reviews

Latest review: Congratulations on being the only product at the supermarket that's 100% guaranteed to leak everywhere. The contents are much the same as your competitors, but no care is taken to ensure it stays