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Vtech BM3000 / BM3100

Latest review: We use a Vtech baby monitor in our granddaughters room and we have used it for about a year or so. The other day the parent unit stopped connecting to the main unit. I called their service number and

Vtech BM3500

Latest review: Seems everyone writing review about the monitor turning off over night.. never had issue, I plug mine to charge and it goes out but comes on when my daughter makes enough sound. I had an issue with

Vtech BM1000

Latest review: I'd really recommend this product for anyone who's not looking for something with different functions or complicated, this works very well to make you feel assured that your baby will be heard when

VTech BM2500

Latest review: -Overall range and coverage is ..okay.. could be better. -Audio & image is pretty average, there are better available for same or similar price. -Is the monitor reliable? Yes, I have been able to

Vtech BM4500

Latest review: We recently purchased the Vtech BM4500 Owl baby monitor from Baby Bunting. It fitted what we were looking and was on sale. The setup was very straight forward, the video and audio quality was ok, the

Vtech BM3300

Latest review: This was a such a simple install...you can wall mount it to look down at your baby or put in on the dresser. It has a great range (15+ Plus), the screen can be turned off, it can play music or you

Vtech BM2700

Latest review: Good monitor have never had a problem with it. One bad thing is the battery doesn’t last long on the parents monitor when not plugged into the wall. Good sound, alright video quality. Good distance

Vtech VM9900

Latest review: A very impressive monitor. The display is an android os. The night vision is amazing even when pitch black. Connection was so simple. The quality of the product is outstanding as well as the

TikkTokk NannyPanel

Latest review: When the panels are properly locked into place a child should not be able to pull the panels part. (I even have trouble dismantling the joined panels when they have been assembled correctly). The

TikkTokk Boss Playpen

Latest review: The wood has chipped in several spots on this playpen, my son isn't even big enough to be grabbing at it so it's not from rough play. Not impressed with the quality, the only good thing about it is

TikkTokk Pokano Fabric Playpen & Mat

Latest review: I bought this playpen for my son when he was 7 months old he is now 1 and has several teeth he has managed to chew several of the connections which have rubber on them and it was only lucky I