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Jolly Kidz Majicpanel

Latest review: We're really happy with our Jolly KidZ Magic Panel Playpen. We bought it second hand, and the plastic is really easy to clean. The bright colours are great and it doesn't feel like you're putting

Uniden BW 3000 Series

Latest review: Too loud when you turn on power, has to be plugged into power source 24/7 and power button broken a month after warranty ran out waste of money will not be buying these brand again

Vtech BM3500

Latest review: We were given this monitor as a gift. The battery on this monitor is terrible. Even though the unit is fully charged and on power, it starts beeping and turns off during the night. Very unreliable.

Uniden BW 3101 / BW 3102

Latest review: I got the uniden BW3102 as a gift and wish I didn’t to be honest no matter how long you leave the monitor and both cameras on charge with in 1 hour the battery is dead! Really stupid on the box it s


Latest review: Really great product, works really well just annoying that it relies on wifi! You need to make sure you have your wifi working on the right setting for camera to function well! I like it because I

Oricom Secure610 Premium Digital SC610

Latest review: I have no one idea who your reps are over the phone but they need to be retrained, i bought a 610 through a 3rd party and they exchanged it no worries they were greay sadly the replacement is still

Oricom Secure520 DECT

Latest review: Got the unit home and noticed immediately that the LED torch on the parents monitor is always slightly energised, it takes a bit to see but i suspect this is why there are so many reports of battery

Kiddy Cots Door Barriers

Latest review: The Safety Gate was bought on Gumtree and was missing a screw/bolt, so I contacted Kiddy Cots in Caboolture by email asking if I could purchase the missing item and was delighted to receive a prompt

Jolly Kidz Smart Square JPP002

Latest review: I bought 2 of this putting together, but I got big headache of this now! My 10 month baby chew it all the time and plenty of paint flaked off. I really concern about what quality the paint is. My

Oricom Secure310 Premium Digital SC310

Latest review: Hi have used this oricom baby monitor for the last 5 years and have only needed to change battery pack once very clear and reliable also compact not bulky and easy to use. Have used it for my 3

VTech BM2500

Latest review: The parent unit has been faulty from day 1 not picking up crying until baby is screaming so I hear him before the monitor most times also battery lasted maybe 20ish minutes so bought a replacement

Vtech BM1000

Latest review: Audio quality horrible. Don't waste your time. Doesn't do what it's supposed to do, baby's cries were not picked up on monitor. It would never "wake up" out of it's programmed sleep mode if baby

Lindam Numi

Latest review: We bought this gate as it is stylish and also no kick bar to trip over. Unfortunately this gate is super noisey- so wakes our child when we close it. Plus after drilling it into our door frame

Perma Child Safety Gate

Latest review: This gate does not self close when fully opened. Our daughter fell down a full flight of stairs because of this gate. How can you expect tired over worked parents to remember to close the gate every

Angelcare AC1300

Latest review: Straight out of the box the parent unit doesn’t hold charge. Looses connection 15 metres away in our bedroom. We spent a fortune on this thing and I’m really lost as to what to do!! Really dis

D-Link Wifi Baby Camera DCS-825L

Latest review: We’ve had this camera for about 2.5 years, the set up was a little frustrating but we got there in the end. I’d give it a five star rating for picture and sound quality, but the reliability of the app

Vtech BM4500

Latest review: This is a good monitor for range , but it keeps playing music randomly especially when my baby is asleep and wakes her up and I can't get her back to sleep, there is a switch to turn it off when

Vtech BM2700

Latest review: Purchased Vtech baby monitor BM2700 in August 2018 from Target. Has been using it for 4 months and love it! It is easy to use, has coloured hi-resolution LCD screen, that also works very well in the

Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect

Latest review: I looked at a ton of baby monitors, to try and find what i needed, there is a lot of rubbish products around i feel, especially from some so called leading companies, This Luvion one does the trick,

Bubstar (Aldi) Playpen

Latest review: Great product. Well priced. Light weight. Easy to use. Inside or outside with the shade attachment. I'd like to get a mattress for it to use as a portable cot as

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