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Huggies Toddler

Latest review: Always used Huggies (Winnie the Pooh design) nappies overnight, could sleep through the night without the need to change. The new Mickey Mouse design is now just change in the patterns: the nappies

Huggies Newborn

Latest review: My daughter leaked out of the news one size 1 range all the time and screamed like a banshee every time we had to change her entire outfit. I was going to give up on Huggies but it was suggested I

Huggies Crawler

Latest review: EVERY NIGHT since I bought these my baby girl has woken ho screaming and covered in wee. I have to change her and the sheets and all her clothes, then resettle her. Appalling. Absolutely a waste of

Huggies Little Swimmers

Latest review: I have only used huggies little swimmers 3 times now but they are great to be safe when at the pools or in a friends pool. I was suprised the first time I used them to how well they hold together and

Huggies Infant

Latest review: The huggies limited edition nappies are absoult terrible. They are ruff like sandpaper. My son has got nappy rash from them. I have been using huggies since 2016. They should just stick to the

Huggies Walker

Latest review: I had used Huggies for the past 3.5 years. Not anymore. The change is for the worst. Poor quality, leaks and irritation. I have changed to other brands. They shouldn’t have changed something that w

Huggies Junior

Latest review: I've always used huggies with all 3 of my kids but of late I have noticed the nappies have changed and not in a good way you they have reduced the the number of nappies in pack the quality of the

Huggies Pull-Ups

Latest review: Worst nappys i have ever seen. Cost more than normal nappys but leak as if your baby is wearing a pair of undies. Thank you huggies for designing a nappy that let's me know the second my son has peed

Huggies Nappy-Pants

Latest review: Ive always bought huggies but thought to explore between aldi and also huggies pants. I must say the huggies pants is such a disappointment. It doesnt hold much moisture, my 2 yr old had a lot of

Huggies DryNites

Latest review: 9 times out of 10 they leak out the side at the front. My son wakes wet and sad in the early hours and needs new sheets and pajamas. At over $1 each you expect them to

Huggies Ultimate

Latest review: I am so disappointed in the Huggies size 2, 5-8kg nappies. They leak right through. No matter how I ensure I’ve put them on correctly, within 4 hours my baby is wet, and I have to change clothes a

Huggies Ultra Dry

Latest review: These nappies have left my 2 year old with a really bad skin rash. I have never had any issues with any other nappy brand, They have left her with a really severe rash between her legs and around her

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