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American Express Essential

Latest review: Arrogant staff, unclear answer. Call center seems in India and does not have mindset of customer service. The way they talk just like you asking them for money for free

Citibank Platinum

Latest review: Most things about this card is very good, having personally used it for well over 20 years. It morphed (without me asking nor applying for), from a regular credit card with "bonus rewards" and ended

Virgin Money No Annual Fee Visa

Latest review: I have an "excellent" credit score, been on a salary of $100K - $150K for more than 15 years and have only one other credit card with a perfect payment history. I applied for a Virgin Money credit

Once Credit Card

Latest review: Our contract with Once Credit specified a termination date - that is, once the balance was paid, the account would be closed automatically. This didn't happen, even though it was stated in writing on

American Express Platinum Edge

Latest review: For all existing cardholders that are saving up the points to transfer to one of the airlines program, you guys are about to get ripped off big time! Effectively your points will get halved, this

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer

Latest review: No updates with where your application is at, link to view progress of where your application is at yourself is never updated. No one seems to have a clue what day it is yet alone what product

Jetstar MasterCard

Latest review: The best thing about this card is if you spend $10000 you get a $100 Jetstar voucher. These rewards are better than many other cards as long as you want to travel. Annual fee isn't too bad. Though I

ANZ First

Latest review: Not a bad product once you get past the initial application stage. Very poor customer service, had to send my payslips to verify multiple times only to be told that they never received them? Took me

Westpac Low Rate

Latest review: I applied for a low rate credit card. Got one with a very low limit compared to what I received from other banks. Took this up due to being cheaper. So now you have got through and activated the

St.George Amplify Visa

Latest review: Applied for St.George Amplify Signature on-line which got declined, so rang customer service, and was advised reason being salary was not sufficient. When I asked what is the base salary required,

Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer

Latest review: I signed up for this card as it seemed a great offer. 0% on balance transfer and 40,000 bonus velocity points a month for first 3 months if spending more than $3,000. $289 annual fee I went ahead

Commonwealth Bank Platinum Awards

Latest review: If one travels overseas, the CBA cards which offer complimentary Travel Insurance are the best. The Gold card is good for three months of travel, the Platinum card for up to six months, and Diamond

HSBC Platinum

Latest review: I applied HSBC credit card 9th June, means 2 and 1/2 weeks ago They only send me message we will contact you as soon as possible I have't received any call or email after I apply card I

St.George No Annual Fee Visa

Latest review: After straggling to get on top my debt with a previous credit card provider, they weren't willing to help me at all with either a consolidation loan or switching to a new type of credit card or

American Express Explorer

Latest review: I have well over 160,000 points and I wanted to transfer to Asiamiles before the 15 April deadline of the massive devaluation. I transfer twice three and two weeks before the deadline and they have

NAB Qantas Rewards Premium

Latest review: I never received my bonus points even after three months of waiting. Made numerous complaints and got told it would be sorted out, to your not entitled to someone would ring me in 5-7 days. I’d hate t

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee

Latest review: Easy to use. Love the online and feel secure and love there fraud squad. I am a Google play user and purchase a lot of things with this card on Google Play. I was buying a family member some Apple

ANZ Platinum

Latest review: This card was a great product for the purpose of balance transfer, as it was a 0% balance transfer for 12 months. I did purchase overseas flights on it because of the included travel insurance. I

NAB Rewards Platinum

Latest review: I am about to close this card and has 721 reward points left, cannot redeem anything online, even with points + pay option, as it tells me not enough points. Called the reward team, the girl said

Westpac 55 Day

Latest review: Avoid carrying a balance on this card as the interest rate is very high for not having many perks. I also had an issue with credit card fraud when in Europe. Westpac believed that i was able to make

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