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ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: Had been a customer for two years. When I asked for change of color of Mastercard it took three goes to get right despite assurances from the beginning. Totally unreliable and don't seem to care.


Latest review: We have a savings and an everyday account with ING and applied for a personal loan to help us with a granny flat we were building. After they rejected my partner (they do not offer joint loans)


Latest review: Been with this bank for over 5years now. It was a little painful to setup due to the amount of paperwork required but once done it has been great since! Email enquiries are responded to within

Bank Australia Branches

Latest review: Going into open an account, which I recently did for ethical reasons, usually comes with the lengthy conversation surrounding other products the banker is pressuring to sell you. You won't get that

Westpac Online

Latest review: We use westpac for our business and it is the worst bank ever! do not sign up with them! the online banking site is so outdated i can't believe they are still able to operate. 0/10 ABSOLUTE

Bank Australia Online

Latest review: I went to change from CBA to bank Australia and what a drama. I could not apply online for the account I need (Basic account for health care card holders) as they want me to send by mail my certified

HSBC Branches

Latest review: My husband and I went into the Parramatta branch to open an account and put $1000000. into an account as I had a very nice inheritance. I was to ring my husband to tell him where the branch was,

ANZ Branches

Latest review: I was recently congratulated by an ANZ employee for never having been lTE ON mortgage payment or credit card payment and told what a great customer I was, until I asked for an increase on my home

ANZ Online

Latest review: Rung for a false charge on credit card, anz indian call centre said my card was cancelled from my complaint, when I asked when I would get a new one, she said you already have it (it was just

Suncorp Online

Latest review: I've been with Suncorp for about 3 years for my home loan and everytime I try to speak to them regarding the structure of my accounts/interest rate/etc....I am being told different things. So people

Westpac Branches

Latest review: We were overcharged in asking the bank for the return of our house title after a loan had been payed off. Complained to the bank, totally ignored even though they assured me they will get back to me.

BankWest Online

Latest review: Worst bank ever, I’ve been with them for 6 years and because I moved 3 hours away from the closest branch they have frozen my account! I have a lot of bills to pay and now I’m told that I have to wai


Latest review: I have moved all of my CBA bank accounts to MOVE due to their excellent products. Easy to set up, no tricky interest rate rules and easy to avoid fees. Helpful advice over the phone and prompt

People's Choice Credit Union Online

Latest review: I have been with People's Choice two times, both for Vehicle Loans. One loan was honorably settled after continuous and timely repayments. The other loan now 2 years is currently being paid right on

Commonwealth Bank Online

Latest review: Unauthorised transactions - After going to use my card on Friday I found that my account was empty. I’ve had 5 unauthorised transactions go through as pending and my balance was 0.00 .. As a low i

Suncorp Branches

Latest review: Been with this garbage company for almost 2 years. They don't mind taking your money but they like you to wait till they are ready to pay out. And don't mind double dipping without you knowing it

Beyond Bank Branches

Latest review: So they have their new TV advert saying they are all about the people - rubbish! Their stupid attitude is more like "computer sys no....." and they have no logic or care factor. I've been with

Bank of Sydney Online

Latest review: The staff were very rude to me and to their customers at the branch also they keep you waiting while you are talking to them on the phone as

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Latest review: My partner and I have been with CBA for around 3yrs and are low income family. They charge fees for everything even tho we have a fee free account for low income earners, they decide if a direct

HSBC Online

Latest review: Application forms for Credit Cards is one painful process that usually results in failure due to a system that does not work. A confusing document submission process and this bank insists on faxing

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