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ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: They were fine on the phone and the ad they wrote sounded great! Unfortunately they advertise that their savings account gives you a bonus if you use a pay wave once a week, but that account does not


Latest review: I changed to ING after reading The Barefoot Investor and I am so glad I did. It is so easy to manage my money. External transfers hsppen immediately, the online banking app is so easy to use, I


Latest review: We have been till now very happy with the way that Ubank operates, especially with the sweeps, that was until our holiday in Croatia for five weeks. We are currently still in Croatia with still

Bank Australia Branches

Latest review: I have been with the bank for a short time. I am very happy with the friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff at my branch. Online banking and App are user-friendly. Happy

Bank Australia Online

Latest review: Recently decided to move to Bank Australia and SO glad I did. Joining online only took 10-15 minutes, and I was set up and ready to go. Had to call later to get my new Visa Debit redirected as I was

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Latest review: I'm an older man with a heart condition as well as suffering from P.T.S.D. The other day I went to the C.B.A. A.T.M. to draw money to pay for my fortnightly medication, I took my card but I forgot to

ANZ Online

Latest review: I have been with ANZ for 29 years. Called the 13 13 14 number with a query. Was told a business banker would call me as no one was available. No one has bothered. They still don’t understand c

Commonwealth Bank Online

Latest review: Took too long for them to give me my loan. Now I cant afford the shares I wanted to buy. Never have I needed to wait soo long for a loan. Its Generally instant. Always was is and will continue to

ANZ Branches

Latest review: I walked into a branch to get a rate increase on my credit card. The branch manager who was also tripling up as loan manager and whatever else she complained about in the understaffed branch said it

HSBC Online

Latest review: I have been assisted with a customer care person "Wani" to solve an issue with my money transfer. She was very much patient and ready to listen what was my concern . sorted the issue . She got a

NAB (National Australia Bank) Online

Latest review: best customer service, spoke with Jose Cruz about company account. thanks for the info provided to me and extra help. Have the best customers service in the industry. thanks again for

Westpac Branches

Latest review: There are many negative reviews on Westpac here so I want to share my views as well. I have been with Westpac for more than 18 years now, like most major banks in Australia, I think they provide

Westpac Online

Latest review: I applied Personal loan online,i got conditionally approved.they requested document.i upload same time.they refused 3 times documents as i submitted.i called every day for update,they put me hold

Citibank Online

Latest review: Poor experience attempting to obtain a credit card online, had difficulties so spoke to person on phone who was not much additional help in the process, in the end gave up as the process was so

BankWest Online

Latest review: So far a great bank, easy to contact (via online chat or the app) and always get a quick response. Great products and simple banking, so far very happy with

HSBC Branches

Latest review: I accompanied my elderly mother to Castle Hills branch to open A serious savings account . After we were wondering in front for about 5 minutes, there was a lady staff walked towards us from outside

St.George Branches

Latest review: My mother signed me up as a child when I got my first bank account with this institution. Unfortunately I can no longer say the same for them for some 20 years ago when I got my account with St.

NAB (National Australia Bank) Branches

Latest review: Changes bsb without any inform.my all payments stuck in the system i argue with my boss that i haven’t got the pay but he transfer in the same account as usual but due to change of bab i haven’t got t

Bengido Bank Branches

Latest review: I would like to know and receive a copy of the Manager’s process on managing irresponsible lending. I want to know do any checks or due diligence occur when lending large amounts of money against a p

Bengido Bank Online

Latest review: Bank with Bendigo if you want to pay Fee’s on top of Fee’s on top of Fee’s! Terrible Customer Service, terrible processing speeds, just all round bad service. Short term customer already had enough.

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