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Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank · includes 2 listings

1.6 from 1,862 reviews

Latest review: Hi, I attended the Commonwealth Bank in Taree last week to close some business accounts with my business partner we don't live close to each other so it was quite the annoyance. However, when we got

  • Transparency
    1.6 (625)
  • Customer Service
    1.5 (697)
  • TopicsATM Experience (44), New Account (58), Loan Application (134), Credit Card Application (71), General Transactions (421) and Business Banking (92)
NAB (National Australia Bank)

NAB (National Australia Bank) · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 1,067 reviews

Latest review: If you want to waste your time, bank with NAB. I dont bank with em but went to a NAB branch with a friend. Their service is a joke. Stay with commbank or ANZ.

  • Transparency
    1.6 (291)
  • Customer Service
    1.5 (311)
  • TopicsATM Experience (16), New Account (33), Loan Application (75), Credit Card Application (25), General Transactions (162) and Business Banking (51)

BankWest · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 642 reviews

Latest review: They really do not care if you have banked with them for 10 years . They aren’t the cool hip flexible for the customer bank they claim to be. They aren’t modern, they aren’t different. They don’t care

  • Transparency
    1.6 (133)
  • Customer Service
    1.6 (150)
  • TopicsATM Experience (6), New Account (32), Loan Application (27), Credit Card Application (31), General Transactions (85) and Business Banking (30)
St. George

St. George · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 605 reviews

Latest review: 1hr 35min of wait on phone to speak to a Customer Service Person!! Restrictions imposed on our newly created acc! (How could they create an acc if they did not have sufficient info? And no clear


BankVic · includes 2 listings

2.1 from 20 reviews

Latest review: I have been a BankVic Client for over 30 years and have been very happy with all aspects of banking with them in that time. Most recently when I bought a used car but was given the lower "New Car

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Macquarie Bank

Macquarie Bank · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 227 reviews

Latest review: I was surprised to see the poor reviews but then I am a new customer of theirs. Their interest rate far better than anywhere else without any other requirements/fees. Had the accounts open

Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 349 reviews

Latest review: I feel like this bank is 20 years behind any bank in Australia in terms of technology. Phone lines keep you on hold(at least 25 min) no matter what time of


Westpac · includes 2 listings

1.4 from 940 reviews

Latest review: We have been with Westpac for just over a year now and if I could I would have changed banks long time ago.. We have a fixed term loan so can't at the moment. Anyways I started transaction dispute on


Suncorp · includes 2 listings

1.4 from 439 reviews

Latest review: 20 years with Suncorp and I'm finally fed up with their dreadful online service. Their app is not secure and their latest change without the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice was a disgrace. Stuck


ANZ · includes 2 listings

1.4 from 1,374 reviews

Latest review: Worst bank there is, do yourself a favour and do not go there. Majority of phone staff are incredibly rude and unhelpful. They make it so hard just to have access to your own money it is a joke.


Rabobank · includes 2 listings

1.7 from 25 reviews

Latest review: I mistakely transferred my funds into their 90 day notice saver a few years ago, thinking it was a recurring 90 day term deposit, my fault. But the hassle and stress of getting a few grand out and


HSBC · includes 2 listings

1.3 from 491 reviews

Latest review: They cheated me to open the account which can get $100 bonus if I deposit $2000 each month for totally 3 months so I asked my mum open the account too , we both are qualified, but at the end they


Citibank · includes 2 listings

1.2 from 683 reviews

Latest review: I had a credit card with Citibank for years and recently quit being with them because their service is so bad. I wish I was being paid an alley rate for all the time I had spent on the telephone with

Bank of Sydney

Bank of Sydney · includes 2 listings

1.4 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Contrary to previous reviews, I found their staff to be friendly and easy to talk to in respect of my term deposit. However they seem not to have fixed the telephone service. I could not get through

Border Bank

Border Bank

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Have been with them for at least five years now. Only really have the credit card and a low balance debit card/savings account that I keep . At the moment 10.76 rate for purchases and they have the

Central Murray Credit Union

Central Murray Credit Union

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Better than any bank, friendly over the counter service, all the help and advice you want. NO or low fees. Have been with this Credit Union for over 10 years now and should have done it long before.

TSB Bank

TSB Bank

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Ive been with this bank for about 30 years. Credit rating A-. This is a good rating. Contact - excellent, usually an answer by a real person within 30 seconds. Email response is equally

Rural Bank

Rural Bank · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I found the customer service team absolutely fantastic at Rural bank. They are polite, competent and friendly. The call is not directed overseas, it remains in Australia and you're speaking with NSW

Holiday Coast Credit Union

Holiday Coast Credit Union · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Excessive high fees for accessing own personal information. Rang and requested old statements, was told they would charge hourly a very high fee to find this for me, up to 3 times higher then



3.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Ive been with this bank for about 30 years. Credit rating A or higher. This is a strong rating and means your funds are fairly secure. Contact - poor often takes ages to get an answer over the

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