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Bank Australia Branches

Latest review: I have recently joined Bank Australia, and have been so impressed with the high level of customer service - I guess it makes the whole experience special and quite rewarding

Bank Australia Online

Latest review: Recently decided to move to Bank Australia and SO glad I did. Joining online only took 10-15 minutes, and I was set up and ready to go. Had to call later to get my new Visa Debit redirected as I was


Latest review: I rang ING this morning to reactivate our inactive business account. The whole process was a smooth ,helpful and issue free experience .I was dealing with people who were polite and considerate and


Latest review: it is 2019 and i can't even completely open a new account online using a PC without getting error messages. Get the error that internet banking is unavailable for 3 days now on both chrome and

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: They were fine on the phone and the ad they wrote sounded great! Unfortunately they advertise that their savings account gives you a bonus if you use a pay wave once a week, but that account does not

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Latest review: I'm an older man with a heart condition as well as suffering from P.T.S.D. The other day I went to the C.B.A. A.T.M. to draw money to pay for my fortnightly medication, I took my card but I forgot to

Commonwealth Bank Online

Latest review: They state they will give a discount it you do online insurance care and home/contents insurance. When l tried to do it online some of the questions were worded in such a way that your claim could

BankWest Online

Latest review: Received a phone call from the outbound customer service department 1 week back to discuss the various options for my home loan. My home loan is currently fixed for 2 years, I wanted to switch to

NAB (National Australia Bank) Online

Latest review: I have spent a very stressful week calling their 13 number repeatedly trying to fix NAB's massive mistake setting up my term deposit and then they couldn't work out where my funds had gone! No

ANZ Online

Latest review: 1. Used this bank for one and half year but was forced to close the account due to terrible service. 2. Totally unreliable, be it regarding loan or transfers. 3. Their client service is terrible. Go

HSBC Online

Latest review: I have been assisted with a customer care person "Wani" to solve an issue with my money transfer. She was very much patient and ready to listen what was my concern . sorted the issue . She got a

ANZ Branches

Latest review: I walked into a branch to get a rate increase on my credit card. The branch manager who was also tripling up as loan manager and whatever else she complained about in the understaffed branch said it

Westpac Online

Latest review: I applied Personal loan online,i got conditionally approved.they requested document.i upload same time.they refused 3 times documents as i submitted.i called every day for update,they put me hold

Citibank Online

Latest review: Tried to apply for the qantas rewards card. When you click 'apply now' it takes you to a differrent card, so I accidentally ended up applying for the wrong card. They stuffed me around for weeks with

Westpac Branches

Latest review: I was a loyal customer of westpac many years ago. I left them because of poor service, i was in impression service must have approved. I went back to join them but realizing i have made a big

Central Murray Credit Union

Latest review: Better than any bank, friendly over the counter service, all the help and advice you want. NO or low fees. Have been with this Credit Union for over 10 years now and should have done it long before.

Auswide Bank Branches

Latest review: I am with the bank for 20 years now. I consider they give the best service among banks. Staff are friendly and helpful, go above and beyond for you in every branch I dealt with. No long queues and

Border Bank

Latest review: Have been with them for at least five years now. Only really have the credit card and a low balance debit card/savings account that I keep . At the moment 10.76 rate for purchases and they have the

BankSA Branches

Latest review: Been with the bank 20 years always helped me as I required. Always did what was needed to make things easy for me. Just saw all the negative feedback so thought I'd throw in my 2 bobs, but can't help


Latest review: Unlike the big banks, Move bank assigns you a dedicated customer service representative to handle your home loan application and setup. I'd recommend Move Bank without hesitation: excellent customer

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