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Commonwealth Bank

Latest review: Unauthorised transactions - After going to use my card on Friday I found that my account was empty. I’ve had 5 unauthorised transactions go through as pending and my balance was 0.00 .. As a low i


Latest review: A bank I have my account with since I landed here, my salary, my super goes there, know what I earn and what I spend, what I save, still denied me from giving a loan -

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: I have been with them for years and have been loyal, but when I was in a situation where I needed help when involved with a scam, nothing, they will hang up on you and act as if it is not even


Latest review: Not even 1. It was worst experience I have ever had with banks and services. Lots of misleading and falls information plus waisted our time (3 months) so we lost our first home offer. Very

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: Had been a customer for two years. When I asked for change of color of Mastercard it took three goes to get right despite assurances from the beginning. Totally unreliable and don't seem to care.


Latest review: Do NOT make the mistake of joining Citibank. Their customer service is non-existent. They will not return your calls or respond to emails despite claiming a '48hr turnaround' - they will not accept


Latest review: I applied to Bankwest for a credit card. After spending over two hours providing a ton of documents, they declined me, but could not give a reason. I complained to their customer service. A customer


Latest review: I have been a customer since 2015, and it has been a good experience. I know it can be challenging for some people as they are online based (people usually prefer face-to-face interaction that can be

Bank Australia

Latest review: I went to change from CBA to bank Australia and what a drama. I could not apply online for the account I need (Basic account for health care card holders) as they want me to send by mail my certified


Latest review: Went to the Joondalup branch yesterday to get a bank cheque. Imagine my surprise to see the branch has closed. Now have to travel into the city to get the bank cheque. Will be closing my St. George


Latest review: RUBBISH. Took 2 weeks to open our account. Then I received an email telling me to click the link to register for internet banking. I clicked the link and entered details. It said Internet banking is


Latest review: Been with this garbage company for almost 2 years. They don't mind taking your money but they like you to wait till they are ready to pay out. And don't mind double dipping without you knowing it

Bank of Queensland

Latest review: 20yrs 2 of us on the title..last 7yrs just myself paying the loan... 2yrs am unemployed due to my daughter 14 with a mental illness suicide tendencies. Your hardship polocy is different with who

Bendigo Bank

Latest review: Each year they rename their home loans, so have one interest rate for new customers, a different one for older customers. If you stick with them as a loyal customer you will be rewarded with them

Macquarie Bank

Latest review: My car ANZ/Esanda loan was manipulated by increasing interest rates, then sold secretly to Macquarie. Complaining to AFCA was useless as the Ombudsman favoured the Bank. Is this not

Auswide Bank

Latest review: Don’t do it. There no breed than the big 4. There managers go early and there always on leave . Go to complain and guess what. The G M is on holidays. And we just had Xmas and new year. It’s a

People's Choice Credit Union

Latest review: I have been with People's Choice two times, both for Vehicle Loans. One loan was honorably settled after continuous and timely repayments. The other loan now 2 years is currently being paid right on

Heritage Bank

Latest review: very little banking knowledge very unhelpful to questions of any complex nature branch staff seemed not interested at all to requests unable to comprehend simplest of requests and consequences of not

Bank of Melbourne

Latest review: I've been a loyal customer with the Bank of Melbourne and St George for 27-28 years having 2 home loans in that time. My wife hurt her shoulder at work and the insurer knocked back the claim so she


Latest review: I have been with bank SA for almost ten years now and I have found that their staff are very rude, especially on the phone. I Was applying for a small personal loan of seven thousand dollars ,

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