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Commonwealth Bank

Latest review: Before going on our holiday went into a branch to double check our travel cards were still working. They said yes. Turns out they didn’t even check and just “assumed”. They apologised for the negle


Latest review: Called to request a statement, informed 1 working day to generate. Major competitors can generate immediately for their customers! Systems need to be updated, it’s 2019!! Also calls centres overseas

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: Started to move all my business accounts over to NAB however after a 5 month application for the business credit I withdrew it. Approved by St George in 5


Latest review: Been with this joke of a bank 12years, someone at Westpac signed me up for online banking without my approval it took me 6 months to get cancelled after being given the run around when i asked the to

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: Opened an account inspite of the bad reviews.More fool me. Debit card has never arrived, messaged ME bank and still no reply regarding this issue, so i'll close it. Could i recommend this bank? no


Latest review: To discharge a mortgage from Western Australia. We have to send papers by post to Sydney, then wait for Citibank to contact us. This took almost 3 weeks before we were contacted. And after we


Latest review: The hold music is so irritating it makes me want to tear my hair out, it's so cringeworthy. I'm a mortgage broker and deal with banks hold lines day in day out Bankwest is by far the worst!!! This


Latest review: I have been consistently impressed with the ease of usage and benefits of banking with ING. Recently I was refunded the $2.90 charge for using an ATM and I was very

Bank Australia

Latest review: We've just completed refinancing our home loan to Bank Australia and are very happy with how it has gone. The process was very easy, and everything happened according to schedule. Brad from the


Latest review: Being a customer of St.George for just three months I again met Sonia (Pagwood Eastgardens) regarding my online banking. Once more she was very helpful in advising me about how to reinvest my


Latest review: Twice bitten...now more than once shy. 1. Simply bad process to set up a debit card to be used overseas...and online interface is poor. 2. Unsuccessful application for a credit card despite good


Latest review: I’ve had life insurance policies with Suncorp for many years. I had to change the visa for direct debits. It took a total of 14 hours over the phone! Then a few months later I noticed the debits h

Bank of Queensland

Latest review: I have requested to close off account since 2013. I never activated the account. I never used it. No transactions, never used. I Called BOQ customer service. I sent email to customer assistance team.

Bendigo Bank

Latest review: Absolutely and totally disappointed ! I am STILL waiting for income payment ! Speed up payments Bendigo !! Your at fault so process consumers payments so they can eat and get medication !!! Most of

Macquarie Bank

Latest review: Had two (2) very embarrassing situations where the Macquarie EFTPOS service was offline (even they there were funds in the account) and I was left high and dry with no way to pay. I know it was only

Auswide Bank

Latest review: I was on a variable rate since 2016 and the market saw loan rate drop, which was never passed on to me, even after a few phone calls. Instead, they bumped up the rate from 4.something to 4.6 when the

People's Choice Credit Union

Latest review: Absolutely the worst I can not stress this enough stay clear..they draw you in with low rates but never deliver even though we own several properties and have a credit score of 900 !! And

Heritage Bank

Latest review: My credit card details were recently compromised so I called to report/confirm this with Heritage. The lady I spoke to initially was compassionate and helpful. I had been waiting 7 days now and I

Bank of Melbourne

Latest review: I have been with Bank of Melbourne from Dec 2012 to July 2015, intern since Uni to full time staff. BoM had gave me an opportunity that not many other banks were willing to. Me and My team work very


Latest review: I have been with this bank for 40 years. They have simply lost the plot.. I applied for a small extension on my home load to purchase a car.. This list of mistakes that made would be too long to list

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