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Latest review: Downright rude and pushy. Couldn't explain why deposits could not be made into my loan account when in credit. Told me to open another account from another bank then transfer funds in. Why? Whats the

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: I called and tried to resolve my credit card issue and was read out a script over and over to force me to pay an amount I could not afford. I asked for a long term payment arrangement and was told

Bank Australia

Latest review: We've just completed refinancing our home loan to Bank Australia and are very happy with how it has gone. The process was very easy, and everything happened according to schedule. Brad from the

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: New telephone banking system is now difficult to follow and does not work. Tried 5 times to transfer funds and it says there is a problem and it may or may not have worked. So got to go back in and

Commonwealth Bank

Latest review: I don’t even know where to start. Staff are ok. Policies are frustrating, outdated and borderline criminal. It’s 2019 CBA, we can grow a human ear on a rat and explore deep space, meanwhile one of Aus


Latest review: I have been with the bank for more than 5 years About 9 months ago I was told by ANZ that all my Master Cards were to be replaced by Visa cards and that I had no right of reply. So far all my master


Latest review: Been with this joke of a bank 12years, someone at Westpac signed me up for online banking without my approval it took me 6 months to get cancelled after being given the run around when i asked the to


Latest review: I received 10 phone calls from HSBC UK looking for a letter they sent to Australia from the UK requesting information on my Australian finances. When the response to their letter didn't arrive back

Bank of Queensland

Latest review: I have requested to close off account since 2013. I never activated the account. I never used it. No transactions, never used. I Called BOQ customer service. I sent email to customer assistance team.

Bendigo Bank

Latest review: Absolutely and totally disappointed ! I am STILL waiting for income payment ! Speed up payments Bendigo !! Your at fault so process consumers payments so they can eat and get medication !!! Most of


Latest review: I joined Suncorp 30 years ago when it was Metway, before the merger. Service & products good then, BUT now customers are merely an interruption to their day and it is incredibly frustrating even


Latest review: On the 15th of February I lost my Bankwest debit card. They were notified immediately and I was told a new card would be issued within 10 working days. Three weeks later still no card so I emailed


Latest review: The staff were very rude to me and to their customers at the branch also they keep you waiting while you are talking to them on the phone as

Beyond Bank

Latest review: Been a customer since the CPS Days 1997 , when the ANZ played around too much over a home loan and my partner suggested her credit union was better option , helped in getting want we wanted . Very

People's Choice Credit Union

Latest review: The staff were very rude to me and to their customers at the branch also they keep you waiting while you are talking to them on the phone as


Latest review: To discharge a mortgage from Western Australia. We have to send papers by post to Sydney, then wait for Citibank to contact us. This took almost 3 weeks before we were contacted. And after we

Auswide Bank

Latest review: I was on a variable rate since 2016 and the market saw loan rate drop, which was never passed on to me, even after a few phone calls. Instead, they bumped up the rate from 4.something to 4.6 when the

Macquarie Bank

Latest review: Had two (2) very embarrassing situations where the Macquarie EFTPOS service was offline (even they there were funds in the account) and I was left high and dry with no way to pay. I know it was only


Latest review: St George has charged me a $250 fee for a change in my Novation Agreement, the only change is a different leasing company organising the repayments. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in this contract and

Heritage Bank

Latest review: My credit card details were recently compromised so I called to report/confirm this with Heritage. The lady I spoke to initially was compassionate and helpful. I had been waiting 7 days now and I

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