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AirFlo AFR115

Latest review: This fridge is easy to clean and maintains a good temperature. Since I don't have as much storage as I would love for a freezer, I love that at its coldest, this fridge freezes my items when I leave

Haier HBF130

Latest review: Ended up leaving it at the front of my house for garbage collection only a year after purchase. The freezer is ok for drinks but made ice-cream into a milkshake. The freezer became so iced-up that


Latest review: I recently purchased the Teco 75L bar fridge and it works ok but I have it on the coldest setting and personally I prefer my drinks a bit colder than I’m getting. And to my surprise the little f

Haier HRZ-113

Latest review: So I was in the market for a new Fridge / Freezer as my old freezer stopped working. I went to betta and spoke to someone I know there, and he showed me a few fridges he thought were good. He

Westinghouse WIM1000WC

Latest review: This is the second one purchased for the office, the first one worked faultlessly for 8 years until it got lost in a move and the second one purchased a few weeks ago works just as well so far. They

Lemair RQ80H

Latest review: First things first, the main compartment of the fridge keeps roughly to the same temperature. However, the freezer does not work properly and drips. Do not put anything runny in the freezer (eg ice

Heller BFH116

Latest review: This bar fridge is extremely basic which is a good thing - there are very few parts to go wrong. Just a thermostat and a compressor. Its built light and I can easily pick it up when its empty. I use


Latest review: bought one of these from HARVEY NORMAN and it lasted 6 months ...........rang Harvey and they could not pass the buck fast enough ...........over to "arisit" who sent a repair man. he took one look

Stirling Vintage 116L Bar Fridge

Latest review: All Stirling bar fridges burn out after 4 to 5 mouth of constant use an you get lead around buy aldi stores saying have send it back to the manufacture to get it repaired they should have to

Husky ALFC1840

Latest review: This fridge is terrible. The fridge is noisy and runs continuously. Furthermore, it will not cool below 3 degrees and takes forever to get to that point. We have contacted Harvey Norman Commercial (

Stirling (Aldi) 95L STR-H95W

Bar Fridges Australia GSP2H-SS / GSP3H-SS

Beko TS190320

Smeg FAB5R

Rhino CS-GSP2H-865-SS

Smeg Retro Style FAB10

Bar Fridges Australia SG2S-B / SG3S-B

Engel SR70F

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