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Kmart Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales

Latest review: Tried everything to connect to bluetooth. Hopeless. Searched online for help but nothing works. Just use it as a scale now which seems accurate enough. I guess you get what you pay

Weight Watchers WW125A

Latest review: Inconsistent readings that are +/- 2kg at the same time, although it does take 20 attempts to get those readings. I step on the scales and wait... only for the damned things to switch off. These

Weight Watchers WW185A

Latest review: This scale either gives error messages or gives conflicting reading. Never been accurate and every time it gives different readings . Do not waste your money or this product. Crap, Crap,

Propert Glass Digital Scale

Latest review: These scales are absolute rubbish. They were on sale at Harris Scarf, they worked yesterday, now today they don’t work! Taking them back to the shop. DONT BUY THESE! D

Beurer Glass Diagnostic Scale BG17

Latest review: I have a Beurer scale that needed new rubber feet. Got in touch with their Australian distributor and they informed me they can’t get spare parts for it. Sent an email to Beurer and they didn’t bot

Weight Watchers WW147A

Latest review: Had for one month used them twice, then they just wouldnt work put a new battery in worked for one more time then just broke again, tried everything even another new battery. Shocking product dont

Tanita UM-051

Latest review: My primary consideration in buying scales was accuracy. I did a lot of research and these scales were consistently ranked highly. My last scales varied by up to 1kg within minutes of standing on

Seca 762

Latest review: We have two - one we bought new in 2005 and the other we bought second hand at a school fete. Both are accurate and - as for long lasting?! The second one has "Made in West Germany" on it. There's

A & D UC-321 Precision

Latest review: Bought 1/3/2014 and used regularly and yet to replace batteries. Measures down to 50g and reading are accurately repeatable. Sometimes it does take a while for the reading to stabilise. Good clear

Soehnle 65856

Latest review: I purchased this set of scales a couple of years ago in a bit of an emergency situation with a plan to get a better set at a later date but never did because these proved to be up to the job! -

Tanita BC541

Latest review: Nice scales with 4 user settings. Easy to use - just kick your button (after you've programmed it) weight for a few seconds whilst it calibrate, jump on for about 15 seconds and presto!.The age

Tanita 1632

Latest review: Not a bad product. I wasn't familiar with the brand name but bought it as it was on special and thought the fact that it was solar powered was pretty cool. I haven't had any issues with this

Tanita HD-380

Latest review: Loved the easy to see readout but 3 wks after purchase it became hard to start up. Didn't get a low battery warning but replaced battery anyway which fixed it for a further 3 wks when problem

Target PT-705

Latest review: Bought this scale from Target after recently buying the Weight Watchers Conair scale which did not work. Looks good, worked first time and it was simple to set up individual family members

Weight Watchers WW58A

Latest review: Previously I've used two digital bathroom scales, one of which was from a reputable German manufacturer ($45 half price from GB's about 15 years ago). They both suffered from the same problem. When

Siltec GS-1

Latest review: I guess for the money you pay you have to expect a little less quality. Probably would bot go out and buy another one. In saying that maybe I just got a dud one. I like the sleek look of the scales,

Salter Ultra Slim Electronic Bathroom Scale

Latest review: Loving this bathroom scale after buying it at Harris Scarfe on sale. Also read Amazon.com reviews as suggested. Have owned another glass bathroom scale before, but this one is much more easy to use

Omron HN283

Latest review: It takes a ridiculous, unreasonable amount of time to get your weight. You can't just weight yourself. Oh no. First, you have to quickly step on, and then off, and then count to 10 while the scale

BlueAnatomy Wireless Body Scale

Latest review: I have had mine for years but I think they have died on me, put 2 sets of new batteries but did not work Would like to order new

Conair Body Analysis WW310A

Latest review: I brought these scales after having to return another brand twice. They are branded as Weight Watchers and manufactured by Conair. The good news is that they work. The scale weighs, takes body

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