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SheIn Australia

Clothing Shops & BrandsSheIn Australia

2.3 from 806 reviews

Latest review: I received my coat toady that l ordered it turned out to be a jacket not what l ordered in fact nothing like l ordered and it’s so big it’s just disgusting . I have tried to do the return as they exp

  • Product Quality
    2.4 (466)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (132) · No (375)
The Oodie

    Clothing Shops & BrandsThe Oodie

    4.8 from 2,738 reviews

    Latest review: My oodie is my favourite thing to wear, it is so comfortable and navigating the online store to find it was super easy. It is amazing

    • Product Quality
      4.9 (2,425)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (28) · No (2,316)
    Step One Bamboo Underwear
    • Award Winner 2021

    Underwear Shops & BrandsStep One Bamboo Underwear · includes 2 listings

    4.7 from 8,946 reviews

    Step One makes men’s bamboo underwear with simple aims: to be really comfy, to remove the ‘permanent front wedgie,’ and to fit well, all for a fair price.

    • Product Quality
      4.7 (7,189)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (529) · No (6,611)

    Clothing Shops & BrandsReview

    2.4 from 78 reviews

    Latest review: Shipping also delivered 2 months after order was placed.All clothing comes from China, no need to say anything more than that. Not the quality that was displayed on website. Website is shown as an

    • Product Quality
      2.3 (54)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (18) · No (36)
    Pump Haircare

    Beauty Product RetailersPump Haircare

    4.7 from 1,011 reviews

    Latest review: These amazing products have changed my life. Ethically sound and packed with good for you ingredients that your hair will absolutely love. I’m so glad I came across these products, they have done w

    • Product Quality
      4.7 (743)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (18) · No (699)
    Babyboo Fashion

    Clothing Shops & BrandsBabyboo Fashion

    4.8 from 838 reviews

    Latest review: Website is easy to navigate & the selection of clothing is great! I love the selection of dresses & corsets. Honestly 100% shopping through babyboo fashion 4eva

    • Product Quality
      4.8 (753)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (39) · No (627)

    Beauty Product RetailersSoftware

    4.8 from 181 reviews

    Latest review: I suffered from moderate to severe adult acne with alot of scarring and discolouration. After only 3 weeks into using my prescription I am amazed at the results! Would 100% recommend

    • Product Quality
      4.8 (162)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (3) · No (145)

    Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsBoohoo

    1.9 from 1,454 reviews

    Latest review: The estimated delivery times are wrong. The products are bad quality and terrible. The customer service is terrible. They don’t care once they have the money.

    • Product Quality
      1.9 (373)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (122) · No (241)
    JJs House

    Clothing Shops & BrandsJJs House

    3.3 from 327 reviews

    Latest review: Ordering online was easy but when the wrong size was sent to me and I wanted my money back was anything but easy. Even though JJs House made the mistake of sending me the wrong size they refused to

    • Product Quality
      3.9 (206)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (40) · No (171)

    Footwear Shops & Brands, Underwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsOzSale

    3.8 from 12,321 reviews

    Latest review: I am not satisfied with the customer service. The product availability is worst. I have paid for an item but, it was sold out. They didn't refund me my payment till

    • Product Quality
      2.5 (528)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (168) · No (558)
    Cosmetics Now

      Beauty Product RetailersCosmetics Now

      4.7 from 2,655 reviews

      Latest review: I have been using this lotion for 6yrs nw. It brightening your skin anf and keep your face younger without wrinkles.

      • Product Quality
        4.5 (258)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (11) · No (269)
      Vine Apparel

      Clothing Shops & BrandsVine Apparel

      2.7 from 138 reviews

      Latest review: I’ve purchased from vine apparel a few times, they’re OK but not good enough that I’d continue buying from them all the time. The return policy sucks, they don’t offer refunds just a credit so if you

      • Product Quality
        3.0 (116)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (36) · No (81)
      Proud Poppy Clothing

      Clothing Shops & BrandsProud Poppy Clothing

      4.8 from 112 reviews

      Latest review: After reading the reviews...i sized down and the dress was perfect.... and delivery was so quick...i bought it to wear for a weekend away and it arrived in plenty of time... keep up the great work...

      • Product Quality
        4.8 (103)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (9) · No (90)
      Archies Footwear

      Footwear Shops & BrandsArchies Footwear

      4.4 from 133 reviews

      Latest review: My order was not received. Waiting on Archies to make this right. Out $170.15 so far. FedEx lied a changed delivery status after I opened and investigation. Archives needs to refund, resend, or get

      • Product Quality
        4.7 (118)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (8) · No (108)
      Flory Day

      Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsFlory Day

      1.5 from 135 reviews

      Latest review: I purchased 3 dresses. Two are fine, the third (and my favourite) isn't unfortunately. It's quite a loose weave cotton fabric and, being a little concerned it might shrink, washed it exactly as per

      • Product Quality
        1.8 (84)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (39) · No (53)

      Underwear Shops & BrandsModibodi

      3.4 from 303 reviews

      Latest review: I bought the teen bundle boyleg undies for my 11yr old ASD daughter who has sensory issues and can not stand the feeling of pads she can just tolerate the feeling of the undies. They have not been

      • Product Quality
        3.5 (194)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (19) · No (165)
      Petal & Pup

      Clothing Shops & BrandsPetal & Pup

      4.2 from 568 reviews

      Latest review: I have purchased a number of items over the past year and the quality is great but even better is the customer service. Fast delivery, easy returns. Recently contacted the customer service only to

      • Product Quality
        4.1 (483)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (144) · No (315)
      Just Fashion Now

      Clothing Shops & BrandsJust Fashion Now

      2.3 from 454 reviews

      Latest review: Fast shipping, sweaters were well packed, there were no problems when ordering online, and they are in reality as pictured no disappointment or complaint.

      • Product Quality
        2.3 (294)
      • Return Claim MadeYes (106) · No (224)
      Hello Molly

        Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsHello Molly

        4.4 from 507 reviews

        Latest review: Inconsistent size. Horrible costumer service. They charge you for shipping and return. On top of that they only give you store credit. Will never shop in this site

        • Product Quality
          4.6 (142)
        • Return Claim MadeYes (43) · No (109)

          Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsShowpo

          4.4 from 4,006 reviews

          Latest review: The dress my daughter received was faulty and we were having difficulty navigating the returns process. Eric was truly amazing and so patient in assisting me. The customer support, efficiency and

          • Product Quality
            3.9 (726)
          • Return Claim MadeYes (407) · No (377)
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