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Remington Aero

Latest review: It's a bit heavy, but I'm very happy with it given how much I paid. I use it on a very regular basis and I've even dropped it a couple times but it just keeps on going. I've had a few Remington

Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220AU

Latest review: I am very happy with my new hairdryer. I bought it as a replacement for a 10-year-old hair dryer which used to make a whistling noise. This is very powerful, it has a deep motor noise and very

Remington Silk Ceramic S9600AU

Latest review: The straightner doesn't take too long to heat up, about a minute or so. It straightens very well, but i have noticed it doesn't stay as long as a ghd straightner would

Remington Silk Ceramic

Latest review: Can't fault this hair dryer, especially considering the price. Really good value, it's my second one and I will be buying another one after

Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU

Latest review: bought it from shavershop. was looking at the VS crewcut and thought it would only work on perfect round head otherwise it will leave patches. bought the remington and had my first haircut in the

Remington Smooth Finish Ceramic S3505AU

Latest review: I like how quickly it heats up and how easy it is to use! I am somewhat concerned about the "burning" smell when I leave it for a minute or so, and I feel it might be a bit too hot- it says 300

Remington Smart Styler

Latest review: My wife use this hair dryer everyday and her hair style looks great everyday! She said this hair dryer is easy to control and handle, it also heats up very quickly. She said she would highly

Remington Keratin and Argan Oil S7500AU

Latest review: Good price not too expensive and easy to use. I don't use it too often as the high temperature will damage my hair I think. But when I need to use it does it's

Avon Skin-So-Soft

Latest review: I always order this to my Avon lady friend and this has been on stock at home as me and my kids love its moisturising effects on the skin especailly after bathing I really like that it can stay on

Remington Jet Setter 2000 D1500AU

Latest review: I purchase this in early this year and it's good for money i paid. This does work it need to do. Easy to use and vary handy. I would recommend this product to

Remington Salon Stylist AC4000AU

Latest review: Decent Hair Dryer. If you have long, thick hair this is probably not the best choice as it isn't super powerful and may take you a while to do the job. We don't use it every day so for us, it works

Remington Pro Ceramix Max S5525AU

Latest review: I paid $47.20 for this straightener at Target it was on special from $59. I was sold based on the reviews on targets website. Ever since using this straightener people gave complimented my hair so

Remington i-LIGHT PRO+ Face & Body IPL IPL6500AU

Latest review: I was about to invest $500+ to get my legs lasered at a laser clinic, however I decided to do some research and invest in my own home system. I bought this one while it was on sale... and it’s the b

Remington D3035P

Latest review: Bought this hairdryer a few weeks back. It is great and has multi functions. It has normal noise levels depending on the heat level you want. Easy to store & a nice

Remington Salon Turbo AC2400AU

Latest review: This hair dryer is really for pros who do a lot of blow drying every day. You definitely have to read the instruction manual to get the most out of it. Formal training on hair dryer use would

Remington D2050AU

Latest review: I picked this up at Target and it's improved my life so much. I don't know why I ever stopped using a hair dryer. I'd say it's not super quiet (like the Panasonic I have tried and was considering),

Remington Proluxe S9100AU

Latest review: So happy with this straightener. I have frizzy hair, and it takes no time to straighten. It heats up very quickly, and glides through my hair easily. Love how you can adjust the temperature. This

Remington D1500

Latest review: Very good in handling, has 3 settings each for heat & fan speed. Also has cool shot which should use at end of blow drying to lock pores. I use it almost everyday & it gives my hair bouncy, smooth

Remington Durablade Pro MB061AU

Latest review: I bought this shaver because I was sucked in by the clever marketing. It doesn't actually work well at all, it literally jams up and rips out the hair, I have to allow at least 30mins to shave in the

Remington CB7400AU

Latest review: I have very curly hair and because my hair has had so much work done to it over the years it is very frizzy. I bought this brush after reading reviews on it and find it only fair I have my 2 cents

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