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Cloud Nine Wide Iron

Latest review: Heats up fast and doesn’t have a smell like cheap straighteners, takes me half the time to straighten my thick hair over other brands, easy to use, my hair stays silky and straight for h

Muk 230-IR

Latest review: I have THICK hair. For every follicle I have 4 strands. It's foiled so it damages easily. Its fluffy and volumous and its hard to ever get it sleek. Well! I used my 230IR today and holy moly! Salon


Latest review: Probably one of the best tampons I’ve used. The fibres hold together even after it had been completely saturated. It doesn’t fall apart and it holds the heaviest flow in my opi

Remington Aero

Latest review: It's a bit heavy, but I'm very happy with it given how much I paid. I use it on a very regular basis and I've even dropped it a couple times but it just keeps on going. I've had a few Remington

ghd Air

Latest review: This is a great hair dryer! It comes beautifully packed in a nice sleek box with 2 different nozzle attachments and extra long cord! Feels nice to hold and use! The air flow is nice and dries my hair

Oscar Razor

Latest review: Received my Oscar shaving set in the mail today, what an experience on using for the first time today. I normally would do two complete passes to obtain a satisfactory shave. My Oscar feels so firm

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Latest review: I have been using this facial scrub since I was in high school after being recommended by mum who also uses the scrub to clear any rough patches and smooth out my skin - it worked wonders! The scrub

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Latest review: Love this cream for everything else besides hands! I find it abit greasy and thick to use during the day on hands however love it on chapped lips and dry patches of skin and eczema. I’ve never had d

Civant Meladerm

Latest review: Before using Meladerm my skin was filled with scars, and it honestly brung my confidence down. After using Meladerm for a month I saw a difference in my scars and even got compliments on how bright

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk

Latest review: I love this body wash. I use this every night when I have more time for to wash my body, it lathers smoothly with a loofah and leaves my skin

Alya Skin Clay Mask

Latest review: My skin has never been prone to breaking out, but i have had some dry spots on my chin, and between my brows. The first week of using this my skin felt great, really smooth and soft! Although Im not

Silver Bullet Keratin 230

Latest review: I bought 2 of these, one for myself and one for my daughter in Oct 2018. They worked for about 2 months then started faulting. they BOTH had times were they did not heat up at all, or heat up a

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Latest review: my baby has a sensitive skin and at the moment, I am still figuring out what diaper to use and it resulted to my baby having rashes. I bought a small size of this and it did wonders, not only it

VS Sassoon 3Q

Latest review: I recently purchased this as my Remington dryer was in need of being replaced quite a few years old. I watched many reviews on YouTube for this dryer and also read through Google search most reviews

Ego QV Body Wash

Latest review: I really wanted to like this product because QV is a good brand but this wash made the skin on my groin feel like it was burning (as if there was a menthol or something in it) and with a week of use

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Latest review: I love it! I always mix it with my night moisturiser and it's amazing. I always wake up with a hydrated and soft skin the next day. It takes a while to notice that it does something as it is very

Bondi Boost Growth Miracle Mask

Latest review: Purchased the hair mask and serum for my daughter. Her hair is looking healthier with every use. I’m currently wearing the mask as I type. Can’t wait to see how it feels in the morning when I wash it

Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion

Latest review: This is the first tanning product I’ve ever used and am very happy with the results so far. I use it as a standard after shower all over moisturiser. It applies evenly, and stalls nice, and isn’t thi

Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220AU

Latest review: I decided at my *age* I was entitled to a decent grownup hairdryer. I wanted ceramic, light, pretty and effective. So after doing research I went to shaver shop to buy a parlux. Nothing in stock.

Origani Erda Manuka Honey Peel

Latest review: Purchased this Manuka Honey Peel over a month ago and has been using it since, between 1-2x a week. I can definitely see a change in my complexion and has made my skin smoother. My skin is also very

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