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Emma Original Mattress

MattressesEmma Original Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 1,844 reviews

Latest review: Such a great mattress. Really comfortable and supportive, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep quality since I purchased this mattress. I never want to get out of bed now. Would d

Zzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label

MattressesZzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label · includes 5 listings

4.6 from 199 reviews

Latest review: We are over the moon that after trying loads and loads of mattresses a friend put us on to ZZZ initially we dismissed it as we thought it was too cheap to be any good but it has been the best

Therapy Weighted Blanket

Weighted BlanketsTherapy Weighted Blanket

4.6 from 174 reviews

Fostering a sense of calmness, Therapy’s weighted blankets are engineered to help relax your body and mind and drift you into a restful night’s sleep. By applying evenly distributed pressure over your body, it simulates the feeling of being hugged.

  • 30-night trial

  • Hypoallergenic glass beads

  • Smart zip design

  • Beads may bunch up

  • Returns process can be tricky

Chiropedic And Sleep Range

MattressesChiropedic And Sleep Range · includes 5 listings

4.8 from 89 reviews

Latest review: Amazingly comfortable mattress for people like me with scoliosis. Have been looking around everywhere for a mattress that I don’t wake up with any back pain. Thank you for the good night s

Sleepmaker Heritage

MattressesSleepmaker Heritage · includes 61 listings

4.9 from 67 reviews

Latest review: This mattress is so comfortable for my injured back, its supports my whole body really well. From the moment I tested it, I was sold. I can now also lay on my side with out hurting. Very happy

MicroCloud Quilts

Quilts, Duvets & DoonasMicroCloud Quilts · includes 5 listings

4.8 from 84 reviews

Experience high-end hotel quality quilts for your home and commercial property with a lightweight, warm & trans-seasonal quilt by microCloud Bedding.

  • High-quality cotton Japara fabric

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 tested

  • Washing machine & tumble dry friendly

  • May not be warm enough for winter

Latex Mattress Australia Latex Mattress Topper

Mattress ToppersLatex Mattress Australia Latex Mattress Topper · includes 6 listings

4.9 from 65 reviews

This mattress topper contains a 5cm layer of pure and natural latex inside it and features 7 orthopedically designed zones that support each area of your body while you sleep.

  • Cushions sore joints

  • 10-year guarantee

  • Suitable for asthma & allergy suffers

SleepMaker Lifestyle

MattressesSleepMaker Lifestyle · includes 7 listings

4.4 from 187 reviews

Latest review: I had started getting back pain with my old mattress, so looking forward to sleeping on my new sleep maker mattress. Too be comfortable again is exciting. Very happy with my

MicroCloud Mattress

MattressesMicroCloud Mattress · includes 7 listings

4.9 from 58 reviews

Latest review: I purchased an ECO Green Microcloud queen mattress last September after weeks of research and both my husband and I are delighted with it. After several calls and emails with Tony from Microcloud

Noa Home The Noa

MattressesNoa Home The Noa · includes 5 listings

4.3 from 364 reviews

Latest review: Good quality mattress for the price. I have owned this for about 3 months now and it is supportive for my back. It does get a little hot at night as I expected for mattress in a box however that is

SleepMaker Luxury

MattressesSleepMaker Luxury · includes 52 listings

4.8 from 68 reviews

Latest review: I tried many other brands but the ‘Amalfi Luxury bed - medium Queen’ it is like laying on a cloud, support across your whole body as it contours to your body shape. Great product that I cannot wait to

Macoda Mattress

MattressesMacoda Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.6 from 86 reviews

Latest review: We purchased the King mattress along with the pillows. Unfortunately the mattress was too hard for my liking even when changing it to the softer option. I also found the pillows uncomfortable for

Ausbeds Aurora

MattressesAusbeds Aurora · includes 15 listings

5.0 from 47 reviews

Latest review: Having waited a little to adjust to a new mattress, I am finding it very comfortable and supportive. I have not yet found myself wanting to make any changes in firmness etc with an overlay or

Koala Pillow

PillowsKoala Pillow

4.7 from 73 reviews

Why can’t we have both? The $160 Koala Pillow is made with two sides - a soft side and a firm side, depending on the level of comfort or support you need on a given night.

  • Highly supportive

  • Choice of soft or firm feel

Ecosa Mattress

MattressesEcosa Mattress · includes 7 listings

4.1 from 1,109 reviews

Latest review: The firm quality is good and it's very easy to change whatever softness we want. This is recommended product especially when you have kids for the quality. We got the product on next day once we

Onebed Mattress X

MattressesOnebed Mattress X · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 58 reviews

Latest review: I was a little hesitant about the whole mattress in a box concept. 6 weeks in, big fan. Firmness is medium/hard. Service was terrific. Postage fast. Absolutely no complaints

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Premium

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Premium · includes 10 listings

5.0 from 41 reviews

Latest review: It is a wonderful product. So good for an 90 year old. She has a new lease of life without the aches and painstakingly. Totally recommend this store and

Chiropedic Slumbr Range

MattressesChiropedic Slumbr Range · includes 2 listings

4.9 from 43 reviews

Latest review: Very comfortable, was hard to find a pocket spring mattress for a reasonable price until I found this. Supportive and you don't feel the springs even without the pillow top. The description of medium

TLC Latex Classic

PillowsTLC Latex Classic

4.8 from 44 reviews

With the option to choose your preferred pillow profile, paired with your desired density (low, medium or high), the TLC Latex Classic Pillow is suitable for people with a variety of sleeping styles.

  • Reduces neck pain

  • Cloud-like comfort

  • Strong support

SleepMaker Maison

MattressesSleepMaker Maison · includes 34 listings

4.7 from 48 reviews

Latest review: The mattress is as described and is perfect for side sleepers! I Have had this mattress for nearly a month and can’t recommend it highly enough. Have had the best nights sleep since getting this !

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