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Ikea MYDAL Bunk

Latest review: This bed was amazing for us, we had 3 kids with a 4 year gap then 15 months, and cycled them all through from bottom to top then into their own rooms.. it is compact, sturdy and the bottom bunk low

Better Living Electric Adjustable Bed

Latest review: I have owned my bed for almost 3 years and it was the best purchase I have ever made. As a back pain sufferer, my back has never felt better. I would recommend this bed to

Fantastic Furniture Bravo

Latest review: I had been looking at them for awhile & decided to get this instead of a chair for our bedroom. The reason we chose Bravo as there were other types of Ottmans in store which were cheaper &

Fantastic Furniture Country Double Bed

Latest review: No instruction manual for Platinum base Queen with storage global charcoal. One bed leg was a lemon- didn’t screw in or out. The holes in the bed head sticks were mismatched, so unable to screw in. D

Fantastic Furniture Bravo King Bed

Latest review: One of the slats was broken out of the box, 5 more broke in the first year of use, bed ends up being taller in the middle due to the flexing of the slats and the rigidity of the middle beam. It seems

Fantastic Furniture Bounty Queen Bed

Latest review: Less then 16 months old and just now 3.30am I woke to a loud cracking sound! Jumped up to find in the side (top to bottom beam) had torn right along where the manufacturer had zag zaged bonding

Plega Fully Adjustable Bed

Latest review: Got dual king single adjustable beds for hubby and me. Fluffed around with order, as different people managing me, and nobody return calls. We still have issue with bed hydraulics dropping the bed a

Fantastic Furniture Kelly Bunk

Latest review: The only positive thing about this bunk is that it looks nice. It is not a stable bed. It broke with in 6 months. The assembly is a nightmare at least taking it apart was easy as the bed was falling

Dare Lamour

Latest review: The bed in the Dare gallery showroom had a solid metal frame, bed delivered has a frame made of thin, poor quality wood and plastic legs that slip out if the bed is moved. Poor quality rubbish not

Fantastic Furniture Avoca Double Bed

Latest review: Purchased queen size bed. Poor quality timber. Mis aligned holes as well as pre drilled holes too deep so the dowels too long and go through the timber. Extremely noisy and squeaky. Would not

Bambillo Massage Bed

Latest review: This bed is the most uncomfortable bed we have ever slept in. My husband thought he was giving me a treat when he bought this. We both have the constant feeling of falling out of bed and find it

Ikea Svärta

Latest review: We're about to move to another place, and we have trouble figuring out how to dismantle this bed. The screws are made in such a way that once it's in, it can't ever come out!!... which is a really

Ikea Tuffing

Latest review: Bed feels solid once assembled but it is absolute pain to put together. Stretching the mattress base fabric over steel frame is next to impossible and other fabric pieces are not much easier. If I

Ovela Florence

Latest review: I bought the bed thinking that it has proper under bed storage. Well there is no box. They mislead people. How can I expect me to store the bedding on the

Kimi Bed

Latest review: I brought I single bed from amart and the slats for the bed keep falling through if there is too much weight on the bed eg. If I sit on the bed with my 3& 6 year old to read them a book at night the

Ikea Leirvik

Latest review: Have had the bed a couple of years and it's had minimal use as my daughter is away at uni most of the time. Although it looks great, the legs are so poorly designed that it sways and squeaks and is

Fantastic Furniture Modena Queen Bed

Latest review: Poorly made bed! paper thin slats that break, and legs that just not vertical. After owning it for 3 years and only being in use for almost 2 years.. cheap quality for a cheap bed i guess. Do not

Freedom Cancun

Latest review: Purchased Cancun furniture from Freedom for the lounge and dinning room. NEVER AGAIN. We have had this for 9 days and already have stains. Because it is not sealed water, tea, food, even a hat left

Ikea Storå

Latest review: While dismantling the bed, the mid beam snapped in half. If this had happened while my daughter was underneath, it could have been fatal. Now I have a pile of firewood. Ikea used glue finger joins

Como King Single Bed

Latest review: We've had this bed for going on 3 weeks now. The setup was ridiculous even with 2 people putting it together. We spent 5 hours following g the instructions to a tee, the hardest part was flipping the

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