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Coopers Pale Ale

Latest review: Not a fan of the cloudy hangover and restless sleep. But a great tasting beer, coopers have always had a great taste who doesn't like the little bit of sediment to prove the

Carlton Dry

Latest review: Carlton have a beer on the market that in my opinion, is one of the easiest drinking, cleanest tasting and finely flavoured beers that I have tasted. They have infused their Carlton Dry with natural

Carlton Mid

Latest review: Many years ago my two favourite beers were Carlton Cold and Carlton Mid. I stopped drinking Carlton Cold when they reduced the alcohol content from 4.0 to 3.5 and reduced the stubby size to 330ml.

Coopers Sparking Ale

Latest review: I have found among my peers polarised opinions regarding this beer. Anything from too sweet to too carbonated, too bitter etc. This is probably why most punters will go for the weaker Pale Ale which

Coopers 62 Pilsner

Latest review: I along with most blokes drink a lot of beer. I also brew a lot. Coopers to me is synonomous with not making synthetic beers. If you are into your boutique beers but want a real one Coopers 1862 is

Coopers Ultra Light Birell

Latest review: Best beer I have tasted in a long while and without the side effects, nut now Dan Murphy tell me they are dropping it! need to finf another

Coopers DIY Beer Kit DBK676

Latest review: I bought a new kit from Aldi a few weeks ago. I use to brew years ago and I thought it might be time to get back into it. I have owned many kits in the past with out any problems at all. As im not a

Carlton Draught