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Carlton Dry

Latest review: Best thing about coming home from a hard days work is knowing Il be sinking down a few of these. Carlton dry is the best beer in the world. It's got a beautiful taste to it. It's pretty much the only

Hahn Super Dry

Latest review: A positive criticism. Love the beer, but the packaging of cans in the cardboard 6 packs is awkward to unpack & continually drop them. Previously they were packed singularly & easy to remove. Surely

Carlton Mid

Latest review: Many years ago my two favourite beers were Carlton Cold and Carlton Mid. I stopped drinking Carlton Cold when they reduced the alcohol content from 4.0 to 3.5 and reduced the stubby size to 330ml.

Hahn Premium

Latest review: When i can get it Hahn Premium is a real treat. It has a unique taste and the hops shine through on this one. Expect nothing more from a brewer that produces class drops and this Premium brew will

Hahn Ultra

Latest review: I drink every night, I have for over a decade, never more than 6.... Every beer is different and can make you feel a little cloudy or dusty the next day, this beer doesn't! Maybe it's the gluten

Hahn Super Dry 3.5%

Latest review: 100% super drinker. Never had a complaint until today. Last beer of the carton, the last mouthful, and I'm not even kidding you there was a cockroach in my

Hahn Premium Light

Latest review: I love the refreshing taste of an ict cold beer, on a hot Aussie day. But, I am always conscious of the effects of alcohol. Hahn Ultra is the best thing to happen to beer in a very long time. It

Carlton Draught