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Optimum 9400

Latest review: Firstly my sale experience with Froothie left a lot to be desired. Their lack of communication during the process was very poor and I doubt I would ever buy anything from them again. After payment I

Optimum 9200A
BPA Free: Yes
Number of Blades: 6
Colour / Finish : Black, Red, Silver and White
Power: 2,611 W

Optimum 8200

Latest review: I bought this thanks to product review, thanks!! We've been using it for about 2 years now mainly for smoothies, gets a workout with hard nuts and ice almost every day for two people, no dramas. If

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

Latest review: love my vitamix! super powerful, super easy to clean very happy with it. It is loud however it's only on for a short amount of time so completely fine. would definitely

Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series

Latest review: When it is working the results are very good but the problems when things go wrong are beyond belief. In August 2018 when making soft soup one blade broke, cut the jugs and soup went everywhere

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Latest review: I rate the Vitamix well I just have a major issue with the after purchase service. Seems like they lack staff in Australia - very difficult to get hold of anyone and my broken Vitamix still isn't

Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series

Latest review: This machine does way more than what we use it for. It handles everything we throw in it with ease. The only problem we had was when the lid wasn't held down during operation and covered the entire

Vitamix S30

Latest review: Seeking a personal blender and having previously owned a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre, I opted for the S30 over other similar blenders. It's certainly not bad, my smoothies and soups came out

Vitamix Professional Series 500

Latest review: 6 years and it does an immaculate job! Blends even with such ease avocado pits (apparently full of vitamins and minerals)! I had many blenders before I dared to spend the big buck on Vitamix- worth

Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series

Latest review: Fantastic blender! Really happy as this as a replacement for another product that was faulty. I am much happier with this product and the service received from Francois and

Optimum NutriForce Extractor

Latest review: I was lucky enough to recieve am optimum nutriforce extractor at Christmas. It couldn't have come at a better time as my ninja had started leaking. I did have an earlier good experience with this

Vitamix Aspire

Latest review: I upgraded my Vitamix (500 series) and am very pleased with the blending especially for soups, dips and smoothies. Use it daily so it has a great workout. Most used machine in my kitchen and could

Vitamix Professional Series 300

Latest review: I like this vitamix blender because it blends all the fruit and vegetable to the smoothest texture My children used to complain everytime i make juice for them because it cant be smooth as

Optimum VAC2

Latest review: Does a decent job of blending everything together under a vacuum with different settings available to use and is easy to clean with a rinse of the jug under the

Vitamix A3500i Ascent

Latest review: The vitamix a3500i ascent series replaces my vitamix professional 500 series (similar to vitamix 5200). Although the a3500i looks great and is well featured, it did not take long before I came to

Vitamix A2500i Ascent

Latest review: Although i was going to use this commercially i brought it home to test out its performance on a few shakes, day one, thought it was great, day 2, doesn't work... What's going on? right? The guys at

Vitamix A2300i Ascent

Latest review: It took me years to decide which blender to buy. After lots of research I decided to buy this Vitamix A2300i as a Christmas present. Just unboxed it and it WONT WORK!!!. It can’t not do not even 1 b