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Real-u Beauty Bundle

Latest review: Did not respond when I enquired about ingredients and how the product treats acne, instead blocked me from asking questions. Very dishonest and shady would not trust this company. Where is the

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Latest review: LOVE this product - it works!!! It helps heal and it protects from wind Would be great to have it more like a (lip) stick sort of format...to apply more easily. Don't change the recipe - because it

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin

Latest review: Best stuff I have ever used!!! I got adult acne. Never had it before. Right around 50 boom!! I started using this product and I DO NOT HAVE ANYMORE BREAKOUTS!!!! For me it’s worth the money cause I

SkinB5 Next generation clear skin

Latest review: Since going on antibiotics, I was having terrible breakouts that I couldn’t control despite trying everything! I have been taking the skinB5 tablets once daily for 4 months now and I’ve noticed a hug


Latest review: My husband had a fairly big skin tag on his bottom eyelid. Skin doctor said skin tag can be cut off but it needs bandaging etc . Decided to put cell soother on morning and evening for about 2 weeks

Peppy Co. All-In-One Sleeping Mask

Latest review: After using this product several times, my skin has been responding very well. The mask glides on evenly and feels great on. I wake to smooth and supple but most importantly clean skin. I will

Little Bodies

Latest review: Both my children aged 8 months and 4 years suffer from eczema with my older one often crying from it hurting her. I have tried numerous creams, lotions and bath oils with some helping a little bit

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Latest review: I have been using this facial scrub since I was in high school after being recommended by mum who also uses the scrub to clear any rough patches and smooth out my skin - it worked wonders! The scrub

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Latest review: Love this cream for everything else besides hands! I find it abit greasy and thick to use during the day on hands however love it on chapped lips and dry patches of skin and eczema. I’ve never had d

Civant Meladerm

Latest review: Being from New Zealand where the sun is harsh I have sustained sun damage to my face and was on a journey looking at skin products to reduce the marks. Had discounted using many due to chemicals in

Alya Skin Clay Mask

Latest review: I use this mask once a week and have noticed the texture of my skin is better however it’s not a massive difference. So I probably wouldn’t purchase it again since it’s quite expensive and didn’t sign

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Latest review: my baby has a sensitive skin and at the moment, I am still figuring out what diaper to use and it resulted to my baby having rashes. I bought a small size of this and it did wonders, not only it

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Latest review: I love it! I always mix it with my night moisturiser and it's amazing. I always wake up with a hydrated and soft skin the next day. It takes a while to notice that it does something as it is very

Origani Erda Manuka Honey Peel

Latest review: This sales lady pulled me into the shop and pushed me to buy this product. She also told me I'll be getting a student discount but still paid $165 for it. She offered to give be 2 other free products

MooGoo Full Cream

Latest review: I have been using the blemish cream and milk cleanser and my skin feels and looks amazing. Ordered online and delivery was quick and packaged nicely. I will never use another skin care range again.

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

Latest review: This is the best hand cream I have tried to date. My hands were so dry, every time I walked past hand cream I put some on and there was no improvement. After twice using this product my hands were

MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

Latest review: Having read all the great reviews online, I bought MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream for my daughter to relieve itchiness, redness and dry skin on the inside of her elbows. Unfortunately, she had a

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

Latest review: Review for Skin Calming Night Cream not the moisturizing one (my mistake). Have had a bad run with the eczema on my face, not able to get it under control with hydrocortisone cream and

Bayer Ungvita Vitamin A Ointment

Latest review: I used Ungvita exclusively for my babies nappy rashes and it never stung or caused a skin reaction. My babies are now parents and have used other products on their babies. I still always have Ungvita

Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Moisturiser

Latest review: I used while having radiation ,after a breast cancer operation ,Absolutely wonderful ——- Not one blister , Have been recommending it to anyone I know who is having treatment.Three years on & I still l

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