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Apre Gel Travel Warmer

Latest review: I never expected too much from this bottle warmer but it exceeded my expectations. With just one click the gel activates and instantly warms the infant bottles and other similar sized bottle in a

Apre Baby Bottle Microwave Steriliser

Latest review: This microwave steriliser is a blessing to all mums. Not only do I no longer need bulky bottle sterilisers, it makes sterilising a matter of minutes as I no longer need to operate a separate machine.

Lindam Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser

Latest review: This steriliser is really simple to use and so much cheaper than using a steam steriliser. You can use this steriliser for most types of baby bottles ie Tommy Tippee and Avent bottles as it is

Lindam Rapid Steam

Latest review: Ive had this steriliser for 2 years and have had no problems at all.Is a great ,cheap buy and fits any bottle.Have had no problems with bottles or teats going milky colour and its quick and easy to

Philips Avent Thermal SCF256/00

Latest review: This is hands down one of the cheapest and easiest investments I’ve made. Simple to use, handy to have and gives great pice of mind. The boiled water lasts 8-12hrs depending how many times you use t

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave

Latest review: I bought this steriliser for my babys bottles when she was a few months old and needed to move onto LF formula. It holds the tommee tippee bottles, which are wide, so you have no trouble fitting

Pigeon Slide Steam Steriliser

Latest review: Bottlefeeding and cleaning is a chore! But this device really helps to speed up the process. I was doubting spending $160 (RRP 199) but glad I did. The side opening and rotary dial makes it easy.

Clevamama Soother Tree

Latest review: I brought this online as I was sick of loosing dummies. I had 12 dummies and could only find two of them and enough was enough. I did some research online and came across the Clevamamma soother

Apre Baby Electric Bottle Warmer

Latest review: I am using it for almost 1.5 years, it works just fine. warms bottles to 40 degrees quickly, i am using Pigeon bottles with it and they fit well. I am going to use it with my second child

Tommee Tippee Express and Go Pouch and Bottle Warmer

Latest review: I bought this as my previous bottle warmer had broken. Its has several setting for bottles and milk pouches, from room temperature to frozen. It is easy to use. However, the frozen milk pouches took

Chicco Electric Steriliser

Latest review: For more than a week sterilizer has stopped working and there is very long waiting to register complaint and even after sending mail to concerned officer no action is taken. Though sterilizer was

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags

Latest review: In general, I think the design is OK. The marking area on the top is clear and easy-to-write. The volume mark is not very accurate but it is the inherent issue for the milk saving bag. The price is

NUK Electric Steam

Latest review: At the time of purchase there were no reviews on the Product Review website for this NUK steam sterilizer. We decided to take a chance on it though -- thinking the quality would be good since it

Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bag

Latest review: Followed instruction and got hole melted through the bag and my pvc unit destroyed. Terrible! I invested over $700 into medela products, just very disappointing that I'll have to get new tubing!

Apre Puresteam Electric Steam

Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser Bags SCF297

MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser

Mam Steriliser

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