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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Original

Latest review: Used to be able to put Jam & Cream on when out on the road but now the cheap ones keep falling apart. Will have to try Aldi to see if they hold

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Multigrain

Latest review: Love the taste, love the texture, and for a special treat sometimes I add Strawberries or Raspberries and coconut flakes, and /or a little brown or raw

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Vanilla and Almond

Latest review: Just can't seem to find it anymore in any supermarkets I visit. Believe me I have tried lots of places. Last time I saw it was well before

Lowan Rice Porridge with Orchard Fruits

Latest review: I waited until I had used this for 6 months to be really objective. A recent blood test for gluten intolerance came back all ok but wheat products do not suit me at all. I strongly suspect it may be

Sanitarium Fibre Life Bran Flakes

Latest review: Please bring back this great product, one of best cereals I have encountered for good bowel health. I work in the Healthcare Industry, and found this product excellent for ageing clients with bowel

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Lite

Latest review: Once you get used to the low salt and sugar, everything else tastes salty. I switched to this for my health's sake and now can't stand vita brits, they taste like sea water. No salt means you don't

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Berry Delicious

Latest review: One of my favourite cereals on the market (I prefer this flavour to the vanilla and almond - which is still good BTW). You can have it with milk, but I love to eat it with greek yoghurt and some

Lowan Rice Flakes

Latest review: My morning bowl of lowan rice flakes porridge stays with me till lunchtime. I don't seek snacks at all. I start with 1/3 cup dry flakes and 1 cup water, simmer for 4 mins. Sultanas thrown into the

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Wild Berry Bites

Latest review: Lovely mini Weetbix full of tasty berries which make them such a delight to eat! Love them!! My favourite cereal!

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Hi-Bran

Latest review: After cycling through various breakfast cereals I was after one that tasted good and wasn't chock full of sugar. I've gone through Weetbix before but I found they were pretty bland tasting. I saw

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids

Latest review: This was the first cereal I gave my son after rice cereal. It is better than normal weetbix as it has less sugar and has more iron in it. He was then able to transition to normal weetbix easily.

Lowan Cocoa Bombs

Latest review: I'm a bit of a cereal buff, but I am conscious of sugar and carbohydrates so I usually go with cereals like wheat-bixs and sustain but I love to throw in the occasional favorite CC pops but they are

Lowan Original Harvest Muesli

Latest review: Overall this muesli has substance to it as it fills you up and you really do not need anything else to eat at breakfast. High in fibre and carbohydrates, just what you need early in the morning and

Sanitarium Muesli Fruit and Five Grains

Latest review: Nearly ready to give up on store bought cereals, but gave this a try and it passed the important test - by the end of the bowl, the milk still tasted like plain milk, not flavoured milk!! Really

Sanitarium Muesli Golden Oats and Fruit

Latest review: Sanitarium Muesli Golden Oats and Fruit is amongst the sweetest mueslies on the market. This makes it both slightly sickly and extremely more-ish. Because of this you could potentially find

Lowan Swiss Muesli

Latest review: As a former Afl captain and current fitness professional - I can only speak highly of the way this range is mixed - the caloric intake is very responsible/serve. It creates a sustainable breakfast

Lowan Tropical Muesli

Latest review: Fantastic muesli that is typically eaten for breakfast but can be eaten any time of the day. It contains wholegrain oats, seeds and tropical dried fruit. It is great for those with diabetes as it

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Apricot Bites

Latest review: This is my current favourite cereal. The apricot is just the right amount of sweetness and is a great flavour with the wholegrain weet bix. I don't like wholegrain bread so this is a great way to get

Lowan Fruit & Nut Muesli

Latest review: Good muesli but unfortunately I just broke my front tooth, with this really hard apricot stick thing, few days ago. Cost for me expensive visit at the dentist. Consumers be

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Organic

Latest review: I have contacted Sanitarium asking if this product has any amounts of glyphosate( Roundup) in it. as all Australian wheat and other crops are heavily sprayed before harvest to speed up drying. One

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