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Ariston LTB6M019

Latest review: Excellent experience. It is such a relief having this dishwasher after the big party. You can load a huge amount of dirty dishes in there. All dishes are washed and dried perfectly. Glass and cutlery

Miele G 4980 VI

Latest review: We purchased the fully- intergrated dishwasher. You can't even tell we have one . We only have a small kitchen this is perfect for us. The dishes come out sparkling . What we love about it is set the

Asko D5546XXLFI

Latest review: If you want a dishwasher that is a quality product, that looks amazing,whisper quiet and cleans dishes 100% of the time, then buy this dishwasher! As soon as you open the door, the light show begins!

Indesit DFP58M94A/ANX

Latest review: I bought this machine new and have had it for a few months. It is super quiet. Quieter than a high end Bosch at only 42 decibels. And a fraction of the price plus has full stainless interior. ( some

Miele G 6927 SCi

Latest review: This thing is so big and it cleans everything without fail. I never struggle to fit anything in. Its really high inside so you can even fit deep pots in there. I never use fancy tablets, just

Bosch SMV66MX01A

Latest review: Perfect Quality Bosch dishwasher! Flexible and useful programs. We use recommended finish tablets and rinse aid along with regular dishwasher cleaner. Very quiet machine with red light on the floor

Bosch SMV88TX01A

Latest review: I couldn't believe how quiet this dishwasher is when we first turned it on. If it hadn't been for the really impressive projected screen from under the door down onto our floor tiles, I wouldn't have

Domain DW45

Latest review: It cleans well. I have a small kitchen and it takes the place of one floor cupboard. It is reasonably quiet. Still have to turn the tv up but you can set the timer and avoid that issue. I think it is

Bosch SMU50D05AU

Latest review: The dishwasher cleans great, especially on the pots and pans setting, I was so surprised when I put an oven baking tray in there which I normally would've cleaned with a metal scourer and it came out

Asko D5536FI

Latest review: It does a great job cleaning, but sometimes the soap doesnt dissolve and I need to send it on a double run. I love the integrated element, and its really not noisy which is great in a happening

Siemens iQ500 SN46M583AU

Latest review: We installed this dishwasher when we renovated our kitchen and bought this dishwasher from E&S. We have a great warranty and haven't had any issues at all. The dishwasher is relatively quiet when


Latest review: Of all the products in the Smeg retro range, the dishwasher is by far the most impressive, it ticks all of the boxes......Super Quiet, efficient, innovative dish draws, easy to clean, and hands down

MIele G 6722 SCU

Latest review: I have had a Miele dishwasher for only 12 months. I experienced an error message and the dishwasher stopped working. After talking to customer care, i had a local technician come and look at the

5-Star Chef BDW-6-02A-SI

Latest review: It’s stopped working after a eight months. The middle light on the right hand side keeps blinking nothing happens. Turn it off and on it beeps for 30 odd seconds and then the light keeps f

Bosch SMV88TX02A

Latest review: 1) very useful top tray for cutlery, allows you to collect cleaned items sorted by type straight into your drawer 2) washes well with aldi dishwasher tables, all comes out clean without need to

Delonghi DEDW6015

Latest review: My partner and mother-in-law bought this dishwasher not even a year ago and it has failed twice already. The first time it wouldn't drain out the water, the second time it tripped out the power, and

Miele G 6620

Latest review: The Miele G6620 SCU is an excellent dishwasher. I was initially apprehensive about spending so much, but it washes very well for both normal dishes and pots and pans, is quiet and is of a high

Asko DBI654IB

Latest review: From purchase to delivery aindinstallationm was less than 36 hours, (whereas to have the old Asko Professional services was more than a week and who know how long to get a quote for the repairs)..So

Bosch SPU68M05AU

Latest review: We had a very small space in our kitchen and this was the best slimline dishwasher we found in terms of value for money. I didn’t like the cutlery drawer at first but now think it leaves cutlery much

DeLonghi DEDW60 Series

Latest review: The water sprayers are constantly getting clogged with the tiniest bits and pieces, it doesn't matter how much we pre-rinse the dishes. DeLonghi support pretty much told me to hand wash the dishes

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