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Kitten Tyre Black

Latest review: I drive a 1985 BMW and I am always using different tyre shine products. About a month ago I came across Kitten Tyre Black and it was a very reasonable price so I thought I would give it a try. I got

Bowden's Own Metal Polish

Latest review: Had lots of swirl marks on my chrome windows nothing would remove them,asked Bowdens Own if this would work, they asked for a picture of my problem,then replied yes it will and my God it came up

Car Care Products RO Polisher DAS6 Kit

Latest review: Mate what can I say top product I own a 69 mach1 and a 37 ford spent a lot of money on paint work I've been using turtle and macquires but after using your product speechless fo you make a rust

Bowden's Own After Glow

Latest review: So, what does it do? 1. It dries your car - No more chamois' that leave streaks. This stuff dries better than any cloth. Spray it on a wet microfiber cloth and wipe it on. Water evaporates. Magic!

Turtle Wax Express Shine

Latest review: I brought this mainly because it was cheaper than the other brands canubra waxes, i used it on two black cars one new and one 6year old work ute, i was genuinely impressed with how smooth the ute

Mothers Plastic Polish

Latest review: In My boat detailing Business I Had tried many products on the clears on Boats Mothers Plastic Polish has given the best results. Has given old scratched clears new

Meguiar's Hot Rims Mag & Aluminium Polish

Latest review: I have polished every type of metal that you can think of. Made spacers from regular galvanized pipe and polished it to a chrome like finish. My aluminum radiator nearly looks like chrome. I have

Polyglaze Upholstery Cleaner

Latest review: I have tried a number of similar products and this one is always the best. The brush on top is wonderful. I use it on car carpets as well as vinyl

Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Wipes

Latest review: I have had my vehicle for two years now and have never cleaned or treated my leather seats. After seeing this Meguiar's leather wipes I was skeptical at first. Follow the instructions on how to apply

Rain-X X-treme Clean

Latest review: My car's windscreen had developed vertical streaks that made it impossible & dangerous to drive when it rained. I don't know where the streaks came from and my car is only a few years old. Other

Armor All Protectant Sponge

Latest review: This is a great product my shutters were faded from the sun to almost white and no other product worked but this small sponge we love it they look new

Prima Nourish Leather Conditioner

Latest review: Top shelf stuff easy to use keeps leather looking and smelling like new, goes on very very easy, and come off just as easy, only problem I had was where to buy it in New South Wales Australia. Last

Prima Hydro Polymer Spray Wax

Latest review: I've used a lot of spray detailers and wax as u dry products and this stuff just amazed me.I've used aqua wax, optimum car wax, optimum instant detailer, fk425, just to mention a few,these are all

Chemtech Tyre Black

Latest review: Hi, I am a reseller based in Tasmania and have a customer who wants this particular Tyre Black. As it is water based I can't seem to find it anywhere. Could someone please put me in contact with the

Bowden's Own Snow Job

Latest review: There are a few competitors to this product, but I love how thick the foam goes on and just how long it lasts - it won't just run off like the others. It really does loosen up the dirt (and bugs /

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Latest review: this is the best shampoo I have used on my SS Commodore and my wife's' Suzuki Vitara They come up looking like show room standard and we frequently get comments on the shine No need to scrub off

Bowden's Own Auto Body Gel

Latest review: Apart from your products being the best I have used, the humour in the wording on labels (even on Washing Instructions tags) is priceless. It makes mundane tasks a lot more enjoyable. Just letting

Bowden's Own Naked Glass

Latest review: I'm not sure how and why this product is better than your regular Windex etc, but it just is. It cleans the glass so much better than products designed for home, plus the Meguires version that used

Bowden's Own Tyre Sheen

Latest review: One of my biggest gripes with tyre shine products is that they start of black, but in a couple of weeks they are a brown / grey colour. I have tried So-Easy / Meguires / generic, and they all suffer

Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0

Latest review: Great product and does what is advertised. I used it on my car which had a moderately sized paint transfer and within 30 minutes the defect was gone. Keep in mind that it does take a bit of work

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