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Finance One

Latest review: Years ago I got screwed over by a bank which hurt my credit rating so never thought possible I would be able to get a new car. They where there to help when everyone else said no. Great service and


Latest review: Customer service is commendable. This is my second time I have purchased a new car through Smartleasing - the process of selling my first car and buying a new car has been smooth. Smartleasing staff

First Rate Car Loans

Latest review: Thanks to Eddie's help we were able to get a second car and he was super helpful and went above and


Latest review: The guys at Fincar are absolutely amazing at their professionalism, knowledge of the business and their genuine care of their clients. We own a small business here in Mackay and my business partner

Alpha Finance

Latest review: The sign up people were great but once that contract was signed it was all over from there. In the 2 1/2 years I was with them I could never get through to my account manager (he is busy right now he


Latest review: Paul was a pleasure to work with very professional and I would definitely recommend Finquote to anyone wishing to purchase a car of which would normally only be available to fleet

Fastlane Finance

Latest review: Absolutely great customer service, allister went above and beyond to help find the best rate and car for me even answering all my questions! It tool me over a week to find the right car, Allister


Latest review: I have experienced great service from NLC and would go as far to say that they exceed my expectations. All communications are prompt and the customer support staff have always been friendly and

360 Finance

Latest review: I have recently been on the market for a new car, so as you do, you make a few calls to make sure you can secure the best deal possible as there is ALOT of variances in the current market. I did make

Go Car Loans

Latest review: I contacted Go Car Loans as I wanted to be able to just go out and get the car I needed and have the freight at hand to negotiate. I found the car that suited my purposes regarding work and life and

Finance Ezi

Latest review: I found this company terrible. They advertise rates are similar to banks! What bank charges exorbitant rates like these? The loan application was way harder than I could have imagined, I was charged

Aussie Car Loans

Latest review: Applied online, I make 90k a year and have good credit. Was called back days after I asked to be called. When I called up they said they were sorry and the person who was assisting would call

RACV Car Loans

Latest review: RACV finance was there for me when all others rejected my car loan application 2 1/2 years ago. Wished there were more like them. As a customer, I am satisfied with RACV finance and look forward to

Macquarie Leasing Car Loan & Vehicle Finance

Latest review: My loan was transferred from Esanda and I have not missed any payments. They need a proper system. Every now and then I get accused of not having cash in the bank to serve my debit order. They have

Capital Finance Motor Vehicle Loans

Latest review: Very rude people. Spoke on the phone to one of the managers called "DREW" he was very rude and unprofessional. I was only asking to escalate the request to generate a payout letter, he was not

Aussie Personal Loans

Latest review: My broker got me a loan that was ideal for me. He chose from multiple lenders. Not just one. Peter in Melb. Very happy to rec his service . Rate was great , no fees and got me cask back offer , to

ANZ Car Loans

Latest review: Applied for a car loan as I have a new job and no longer work in the city and require a car to get to work. Thought I would apply through ANZ as that’s also who i bank with. Wasn’t applying for much -

Toyota Finance

Latest review: They are great until you need help then they will screw you over at every corner be very careful dealing with this company. They will offer very few solutions to help and none will benefit the

Nissan Financial Services

Latest review: Please stay away! They hide behind their trading name of skyline car finance so you won’t easily find any reviews. They have so many hidden costs which outweigh their low interest rate. $330 for e

Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

Latest review: Existing Home Loan customer, with plenty of equity in house - even with latest downturn :( Share portfolio - that we dont want to sell Long term stable employment (dual income household) Cash in

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