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Pioneer DEH-P1Y 60W Car CD Tuner

Latest review: I love this unit and want to replace 2012 pioneer that is fitted to the car I bought . Prob is no access for iphone usb and can't locate an adaptor anywhere in new zealand, As above there is a

Pioneer DEH-P9650MP 50W Car CD Tuner

Latest review: I bought this unit as I was after a high end unit with 3 RCA outputs, )front, rear, subs) This unit provided all those and more feature to customise your in car environment such as; - choice of

Pioneer DEH-2750MP 50W Car CD Tuner

Latest review: This unit has served me well. It was installed about the same time I bought my car. There is plently of features on this unit, I do not recall any Bluetooth conectivity. The unit performs fairly


Latest review: Works amazingly well. Never had a problem with it in the last 4 years or so. bought it online and had it installed

Pioneer DEH-2750 50W Car CD Tuner

Latest review: Overall a very good unit, with a good powerful sound and ease of having a large rotary volume control.There is a bit of useless EQ curve in the display to indicate the current preset setting. A word

Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT

Latest review: Had the unit installed two weeks now and its very hard to fault. The menus and settings are very easy to navigate and change. The audio settings and quality is outstanding, many ways to alter the

Pioneer DEH-X7850BT

Latest review: I installed this in my Land Rover because I needed a Bluetooth system that I could use for phonecalls in the car. Also wanted to be able to listen to Spotify music and this unit seemed to fit the

Pioneer DEH-P6950IB

Latest review: I have just bought a used car and pioneer DEH-P69550IB was the head unit it came with.As normal the first thing I do is replace the cd player to a later model.After playing around and giving the unit

Kenwood KDC-X8016BT

Latest review: I installed this unit in my car to replace old sony unit that did not have USB connection. I am disappointed as the faceplate connector got loose. So it's a struggle to turn the unit on as I have to


Latest review: DAB radio works perfectly throughout metro area, most of Hills zone (I'm in Adelaide). Huge volume control knob but tiny oddly shaped up-down-left-right buttons all crammed together. Remote is small

JVC KD-G725 Car CD Tuner

Latest review: February 2013. Eight months without a car (ours needing an engine/rebuild). So for daily duties I bought a $400 cheapie, a 94 Lancer coupe. Looks rough, and after some love it drives ok. The 5


Latest review: Low power amp mode protects the speakers - Good option, CD wakeup feature on IGN off makes easy to eject/insert the CD, Frequency response and S/N ratio is excellent with decent speakers. I recommend

Axis AX-1104DAB+

Latest review: I wanted a decent DAB in car radio and didn't want to spend too many $$$. Fairly easy to install but with the DAB aerial connector installed it makes it slightly longer than than ISO standard. Not a

Kenwood KDC-X7006U

Latest review: Decent unit, feature rich. Not a very supreme sound output but has enough sound controls to adjust the output to your liking Bass output (Low frequency response) Bulky remote control, blurred


Latest review: I bought one used from cash converters for 70 dollars aud, and its practical, but moderately customisable. It has features for your amp, and even subwoofer. My subwoofer is looped through the rear

Pioneer DEH-2850MP Car CD Tuner

Latest review: For a basic unit it has all you could need less a few you could want. No USB or BT but puts out a great sound and being able to put approx 10 albums or more in WMA or MP3 format per disk, who needs

Kenwood KDC-MP333 Car CD Tuner

Latest review: Nice unit but the clock is a pain to set if you can get it to that stage. Everything is good with the unit but the

Clarion HX-D2

Latest review: This is a very good unit if what you are after is sound quality. Coupled with Clarion's steering remote control it is also very safe to use on the road. Pricey but you get what you pay for. Sound


Latest review: The best u can buy in this price range. The equalizer has 5 preset modes and a user mood for your taste. good sound quality . . . cds run smooth . . store up to 18fm channels sometimes when u eject

Jensen MP5620

Latest review: usb mp3 player bonus useless as no usb connection on cd receiver to use mp3 as told when i bought it jensen MP6212 works great bonus

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