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Kia Sportage
Latest review: Over 50k done on this SUV and still running strong. Diesel Fuel economy around 8l/100km mainly city driving. Has a good acceleration curve, plenty of punch for highway overtaking. Not one sign of

Kia Sorento
Latest review: If you're in the market for one of the later model Sorentos then don't bother reading the reviews about the models prior to 2015, they're VASTLY different cars now! After a lot of research I decided

Kia Cerato
Latest review: Having a problem with the radio just drops in and out for no reason car can be stationery. I have taken back to Kia who advised that the digital radio is not as good as analog. Not happy with answer

Kia Rio
Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

Kia Picanto
Latest review: I drive to work (about 30 mins each way) Monday to Friday. I love that this car just nips in and out of parking. At first I pined the loss of a CD player but have become accustomed to the bluetooth

Kia Optima
Latest review: Very reliable car and interior quality is better than German car. Very quiet and smooth ride. Turbo 2.0l is powerful enough. Have driven 80000 km and had not a single

Kia Rondo 7
Latest review: I oversee a community transport operation & we took possession of 11 diesel Kia Rondos in mid 2015.These vehicles have been fantastic in terms of reliability, comfort, performance + value for money.

Kia Carnival
Latest review: Car engine exploded, leaving the family dangerously stranded on the side of the road, after the warranty period, a defect which, according to wikipedia, was known by Kia when they chose to distribute

Kia Stinger (2017-Present)
Latest review: Almost 12 months on since I took delivery of my brand new KIA Stinger GT, I thought I'd share my personal experience and opinion. I chose the KIA Stinger GT to replace my 15 year old Mazda as I

Kia Soul
Latest review: I bought my KIA soul brand new. It's a smooth ride, economical and has some funky looks and features. The heater works a treat. Seats are really comfortable. Very roomy and comfortable when