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Lexus RX

Latest review: I purchased the Lexus brand new at Lexus Monterey Peninsula. After the last two services, it is costing us $200 and now recently the 2nd service $1200 because of rodent getting into the air

Mitsubishi Mirage

Latest review: My first car was a Mitsubishi Mirage 2003 model second hand that I learnt to drive in I’ve only had my licence for about 6 yrs and I am also a bit older and had no idea how to drive! Never had one p

Renault Koleos

Latest review: I usually use the 2016 Renult Koleos as a daily family car. Purchased in 2017 and lasted me up to the start of 2019. The car was running smoothly until mid 2018, when the key card was no longer

Kia Rio

Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

SsangYong Stavic

Latest review: My mechanic said that they have disc brake problems after 100000ks .We have 50000 KS no problem I have had problems with the rear tyres seperating (kumo solas) the only thing I can complain about. My

Volkswagen Golf

Latest review: Our VW Golf Wagon drove mostly fine for 6 years but then started coughing and spluttering so we took it to our local mechanic. He advised there are problems with the compression system and that to

Isuzu D-MAX

Latest review: Hi i haven't even had my ute for more than two years yet and it been sitting at the dealer for the last 3 months. It continues to go into limp mode when you first start it in the mornings. They still

Honda Accord

Latest review: I have owned Honda for about 7 years, always serviced from agency and around 90000 km. The engine spark plugs got oil in them at 95000 and engine is about to cease. For a car that has done 90000 K

Nissan Patrol

Latest review: Honestly I wish I could buy two! Best car I’ve ever owned! Love love love it!!! Average fuel consumption is about 13 per 100 which is better than my v6 Colorado :

Skoda Octavia

Latest review: we bought the 118tsi dsg new in 2014 as the last 1z on the lot (Octavia 3 already for sale). Have done 60000km with the only problem being the battery was a stop/start one which our car does not

Toyota LandCruiser J200R (2008-Present)

Latest review: 70000 km in and engine showed signs of dusting ( dust getting past the air filter and causing wear on the internals eg pistons and turbos ) left turbo blew and was told was a problem with the

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Latest review: We use the car for everyday driving and find it such a pleasure to drive. The steering wheel turns so effortlessly (you won't know what I'm talking about until you experience it), it has mind

Honda HR-V

Latest review: We recently bought a new 2018 Honda HRV from Scott’s Honda Artarmon. It has proven to be a very nice car to drive and has an excellent boot. The gearbox is well matched to the engine and the steering

SsangYong Korando

Latest review: I bought my car in 2014 brand new within 15 months the timing chain went and had to wait 6 weeks before I could get it fixed and have had a few other small problems but I can live with that. The last

Volkswagen Touareg

Latest review: Originally purchased to tow a pop top caravan. Now primary transport. Tows the van effortlessly. Because the car was already some 9 years old when originally purchased second hand and 220 k k's I

BMW 1 Series

Latest review: Have had the 140i for coming up on 2 years, on buying this i wanted a old school rear wheel drive with good power. It hasn't disappointed. Im fussy with my cars and will pick the hell out of a car. I

Nissan Dualis / Qashqai

Latest review: Nissan would have to be the kings of bringing out one dud after another. And they sell enough of them to keep in business. I bought my J10 Dualis from Alex Mildren Artarmon in 2012. The salesman

Skoda Superb

Latest review: Just purchased 2018 Superb wagon 162 version. An absolute dream to drive! Bumped into a woman at the kids soccer. She was driving a Kodiaq. They have 4 late model Skoda's in there family. 2 in

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Latest review: After 6yrs of ownership (purchased new) I decided it was time for an honest first hand review. If you are in the market for a comfortable 4x4 wagon look elsewhere, these are as basic as they come

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Latest review: Have owned two(2) Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Laredo(4 x 4 Diesel), one purchased in Feb 2014 and a insurance replacement one in Feb 2016(which I am driving at present). Use and used both for general

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