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Advance Premium Dry Cat Food

Advance Premium Dry Cat Food

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4.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Used ADVANCE for Cats, many years ago. Now I’m breeding Ragdolls I’m using it again. Great product my kittens and cats don’t get fat they get solid. Best thing it’s keeping my kids in a job!

Supercoat Kitten Chicken and Rice

Latest review: I have just change to this to give my 3 kittens a break as they had gone through a whole lg bag of theSupercoat and they like this as

Royal Canin Oral Sensitive
4.3 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Cats get dental decease and they need to chew to keep their teeth clean and healthy gums. This product is good but could do with the kibble being a little larger because one of my lazy cats still

Pit'r Pat
4.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Oscar my cat absolutely goes nuts for these treats. I have no way of knowing why, but he loves them and even performs tricks in the hope of getting some. Highly

Ultimates Indulge Cat Protein Smoothie

Latest review: My 2yrs old male -British short hair & 2.3 yrs old female -Scottish fold, they’re really like it & gain weight. But it’s pricey $3 each. I’m will buy more if it’s on sale $2 each or less.

Optimum for Adult Cats
4.1 from 8 reviews

Latest review: My cat is 6 yrs and prefers optium furball dry to fresh salmon!!and no more fourballs.Im so happy with it and I think a great price for my little

Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach

Latest review: I fed my French bulldog pro plan sensitive for a while. When I had a bag that had a lot of mould in the bottom I took it back from where I purchased it. My dog is still sick after seeing a vet and

Regal Easy Pet Pots Vita-Mince Chicken & Kangaroo

Latest review: We have a 10 year fussy eater, and now an 11week old puppy. Both dogs like the two different flavours. Our only concern is we are noticing redish chunks in their stools, obviously it is not digesting

Smitten Dry Cat Food
4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: My cat loves Smitten dry cat biscuits. The flavour combos of real chicken with natural tuna flavour are his favourite Although Woolies are sometimes out of the adult bikkys, He is more than happy to

Optimum Healthy Weight Management for Cat

Latest review: This was fantastuic, my cat still enjoyed dinner time, but was able to maintain the correct weight. Was a little pricy but worth it as it helped the cat! It seems to help my overweight cat maintain

Coles Ocean Fish Flavour Dry Adult Cat Food

Latest review: My cats love this dry food, and their coats are really nice when it's in their diet. I'm guessing it's the omega oils in the food. Very impressed, I like to add it to the mix of other brands I use,

Tiki Pets Ahi Tuna & Chicken

Latest review: One of the major pet supply stores was selling cans of this product at a heavily discounted price for a while so I thought I'd buy some tins of tuna & chicken, and chicken. My cats loved it, I give

Advance Premium Wet Cat Food in a Tray
4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: My kitten loves the chicken and salmon chicken loaf style. Convenient as he gets 2 meals out of the tin. Combined with advance biscuits. 4 stars as this brand is a bit expensive May try to find a

Eagle Pack Indoor Multi-Cat Adult Formula

Latest review: I got this as it is on PETA's list of Cruelty Free Pet Foods. That means they do NOT do Animal Testing. Whereas Iam's and alot of the other brands do unnecessary and cruel tests on animals. I am

Fancy Feast Royale (Pouch)

Latest review: This is one of my older cat's favourite treat foods. It comes in a very handy sized pouch that is perfect for one feeding. While this food is more expensive than other varieties of wet cat food, I

Fussy Cat Finest Mince with Kangaroo

Latest review: Absolutely great, both cats love it especially the picky cat she looks forward to meal time and the mince is the first to go, can only find at coles and they seem to always be low on stock

Hill's Science Diet Cat Adult Light

Latest review: This is a good quality cat food. Our cat has tried other foods but developed diarrhoea. This seems to be the only food he tolerates. Only downside is it is more

Royal Canin Kitten 34
3.8 from 9 reviews

Latest review: We feed out foster kittens babycat mousse with no issue . Fed them the kitten mousse and out of nine kittens 3 vomited and 6 got the runs . Of the six three were really bad for 24 hours One stopped

Black Hawk Original Cat Food

Black Hawk Original Cat Food

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3.8 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I have a multi-cat double numbers home that has been using Blackhawk chicken and rice for a few years, but due to financial reasons I thought I would move my cats over to another brand “Whi$ker$” so I

Applaws Tuna Fillet With Prawn

Latest review: I have recently switched to this cat food from Royal Canin and my cat loves it. And I feel like he is healthier. Such as his coat is glossier and his snuffles have gone away. (Thinking he may of had