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Whiskas Adult 1+ Years with Lamb Mince

Latest review: I haven't bought a can of Whiskers for some time and bought one recently only to find there was less 'meat' and more gravy not to mention a price hike. Better off buying premium cat food at least you

Advance Special Needs Dry Cat Food

Advance Special Needs Dry Cat Food

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2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: My cat has loved eating this dry food for the past 4 years. I recently bought this product, online, and, when I received it, I noticed that the shape of the kibble was entirely different. It used

Supercoat Natural Selection Lite and Lean

Latest review: I bought this food once when it was on sale at my local pet shop and seemed quite cheap but I doubt I will venture towards purchasing it a second time. I fed it to my cat but she did not hardly want

Whiskas Dry Cat Food
1.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Whiskas had been a favourite for my cat but will no longer be buying it due to the 200g shrinkage. I feel this is really not fair as it’s still the same price was wondering why it wasn’t lasting a wee

Coles Complete Cuisine Cat Food

Latest review: My wife and I bought this cat food to give it a shot to see if our cat liked it as much as he does the Aldi dry cat food, he has strange preferences! Nope. He ate half a packet and the next morning

Woolworths Select Adult Cat Food

Latest review: This product is waste of money as my non-fussy cat refuses to eat it, preferring to go hungry..I will not buy this

Smitten Cat Food Chicken Selection

Latest review: I first mixed some of one variety (casserole with real chicken) with my cat's regular food so she would get used to it. She tried a bit and left most of it untouched. I fed her the other variety

Purina Friskies Meaty Grills

Latest review: I don't mind Purina as there other cat food has help my cat in the pass, however I tried my cats on friskies meaty grill and noticed not long after the one of my cats was none stop scratching and had

Whiskas Adult 1+ Years with Beef Favorites in Jelly
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Pet Cafe Meal for Pets
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I used to love Meal for Pets. My cats were raised on it for the first couple of years, but then Pet Cafe/Bruce Symes started heat treating it and it now stinks to high heaven. It's as though

Avdcance Super Premium Cat Food

Latest review: There is a manufacture fault with this food (as advised by Advance) with tins stamped 151019 on the side. The food contains hard lumps of offal and sharp pieces of bone when it should be all smooth.

Applaws Cat Layers in Jelly

Latest review: I bought applaws layers, tuna topped with anchovy. and there was a little curly hair inside of it when I opened it. The hair seems from centre of human body. I dun even imagine how it got in

Optimum Mature Cats
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I was changing food as my cat was aging and needed different dietry requirements. I tried this food. This product made my cat so ill the vet thought he was in renal failure! It cost me hundred's of

Love 'Em Cat Treats
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