MARS Chocolate

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M&M's Peanut

Latest review: I know children may need a nut free zone but these are the best taste best peanut and easy to chew. Please keep these ones I enjoy these the best. fresh and


Latest review: I have bought Maltesers since I was 5 years old. They taste nothing like they used to. They used to be brown in the middle, now they are almost white. I got a large box for Christmas and cannot eat

Mars Pods Snickers

Latest review: Im not even kidding, i am literally addicted to these. And not in a good way. Im eating 2 packets a day. I have tried to quite but i cant. I dont like other flavours, only snickers. I need to kick

Mars Pods Twix

Latest review: Literally. Exactly the same. They say they have Twix caramel inside them, as opposed to Mars caramel, which the Mars Pods obviously have. And to my knowledge and tastebuds, they have the exact same

M&M's Mix Ups

Latest review: Mars M&M mix ups are a great treat to share as they contain three different types of M&Ms. The first is the original milk chocolate m&m covered in a sugar shell in many different colours. The second

Bounty Chocolate

Latest review: On a hot but stormy summers saturday afternoon, i came home tired and found that the family favourites have been opened. Ecstaticly i opened the box to only see bountys left, needless to say i am now

Mars Pods Mars

Latest review: The coconut (or Bounty ??) Pods need to be returned to shelves. They were the best and the only Pods worth eating! We've tried the others and they're just not up to sctrach; too sweet, too